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Rotary Miracle Playground

Dothan, AL USA


Playground Overview

Donated by the Rotary Club in Dothan, Alabama, this playground boasts inclusive play events for children of all abilities. A PlayBooster® playsystem and other play areas welcome kids ages 2 to 12 with a fully ramped system that gets everyone to their favorite events. Racecar play panels, spinners, gliders, slides—the options are endless. The Splash Circuit™ Sand and Water Station is at wheelchair height, encouraging kids to mix and mingle while using their imaginations. And because everything is located right next to a Miracle League ballfield, kids can watch the games while playing under the CoolToppers® shade systems.

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Playground Details

  • Age Ranges

    • 2 to 5 Years
    • 5 to 12 years
  • Design Standards

  • ASTM
  • Installed

  • June 2011
  • Design/CAD Files

  • Min Area Required

  • Total Area: 95' x 85' (28,96 m x 25,91 m)
    2-5 Area: 61' x 35' (18,59 m x 10,67 m)
    5-12 Area: 85' x 61' (25,91 m x 18,59 m)

  • Max Fall Height

  • 96" (2,44 m)

  • Project Price Range

  • $200K-$500K+

    Pricing reflects only the equipment shown in the 3D render above. For international and exact pricing, please contact your local playground consultant.

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Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

Video features the accessible Landscape Structures PlayBooster playground at the Rotary Miracle playground in Dothan Alabama.

[video: fade in to a view of the entrance to the playground area. A large half move shape connect the two entry pillars making up a large smile overhead. A local mother speaks to the camera.]

Mother voiceover: This playground has been amazing for us. Grayson has a hard time with the regular playgrounds and most of them are not handicap friendly and so there’s very few places that we can go in town and just have a day of fun.

[video: camera pulls back from a playground rules sign reading: Rotary Miracle Playground, Adult supervision is necessary for a fun, safe play experience for participants of all abilities.]

[video: A young boy runs away from the camera up a playground ramp onto the playground decking. Camera pans across the inclusive playground as parents stand and watch while children play. Camera switches to the mother as she continues to speak to the camera.]

Mother: We brought the family out-

Mother voiceover: here several times. It gives him something to do that where he fits in he feels like he’s just another child. And he doesn’t feel like he’s excluded from other things so.

[video: an older boy fallows his younger brother as he walks across the playground area. The brother pulls his younger brothers feet to help him reach the end of the Double Wave slide. The young boy walks past the camera.]

Mother voiceover: I enjoyed the way kids play together you know the special needs and the general ed kids where here and everybody got along played well it’s just amazing see them all come together.

[video: two girls dance together next to the playground. A young girl spins herself on the Saddle seat spinner next to the Cozy Dome. A young boy uses his arm crutches to walk past the camera. Twin girls swing side by side in full infant bucket seat swings. Bubbles fly towards them as they swing. Camera switches to two women helping a group of children as they do crafts at a shaded table.]

[video: a grandfather speaks to the camera about the playground.]

Grandfather voiceover: I brought my grandson over here and I think it’s wonderful. This is not being the first time being over here. And he enjoys it coming over here.

[video: close-up as a young boy pulls a harness down in front of himself while sitting in a Molded Bucket swing. Front view of a man pushing a boy in a Molded Bucket swing with harness. Camera switches to the back of the swing while the man continues to push the boy. The grandfather and the grandson sit on the bench of the sway fun speaking to the camera.]

Grandfather: I don’t know what, if it’s so colorful or what but it’s nice. It’s a nice place to come to and it’s comfortable.

[video: fade out to a young boy standing by the playground.]

Woman off camera: What’s your favorite part about the playground?

Boy: Hanging out with the kids, getting to know each other, cooperating, working together.

Boy voiceover:  And its pretty big playground and I think it was a good a good choice to make this playground for a disability kids.

[video: camera pans across the empty swing set with the playground behind it. A woman holds up a young boy as he reaches for the rungs on the monkey bars. The woman walks the boy along the monkey bars, so he can grab each rung. Camera switches to Makenna speaking to the camera.]

Woman off camera: So, Makenna you were a buddy today for My Play Club. What did you like about being a buddy today?

McKenna voiceover: It was very fun to interact with the other kids because we usually don’t get to do that. They can’t play like they can here.

[video: Two boy sit on the Sway Fun while a man pushes them back and forth. A young girl sits across from the boys on the other bench on the Sway Fun. She is holding a glass of water carefully not to spill it. Camera zooms in on the girl’s face. She opens her mouth with excitement and smiles at the camera. A local mother with her three children speaks to the camera.]

Mother voiceover: I think it’s going to teach different abilities to play together.

[video: Elevated view from the playground decking out to the swing set area where families walk around and play.]

Mother: And I think it will help us when they get in school situations and there’s you know other students with different disabilities.

Mother voiceover: They’ll just be accepted because they’ve played with them and that’s how kids learn to get along. This way you’ve got an activity where the community children are playing with, everybody plays the same everybody has a good time and I think it’ll really expand the kids knowledge from a very early age.

[video: a young girl bowls bubbles, she turns and smiles at the camera. A girl smiles at the camera as a pink butterfly is painted on her face. Camera slowly zooms in on a girl wearing sunglasses swings in the harnessed molded bucket seat swing. Side view of a man and three children as they all sit and ride on the Sway Fun. A young girl watches someone play a drum while she shakes some bells. Two children slide down towards the camera on a roller slide.

Mother: This way they learn hey we all play.

Boy voiceover: Oh, I enjoy playing with my buddy his name was Will.

[video: a young boy stands in the middle of a tire swing. An older boy helps him to sit on the tire swing. Both boys ride the tire swing together. The boy sitting on the ground speaks to the camera about playing on the playground.]

Boy: All kids like to play but a lot of kids don’t like to play the same.

[video: A young boy spins himself on the Gyro Twister playground spinner. Camera zooms in closer as the boy continues to spin. A young girl blows bubbles with a handful of other children. Camera walks forward through a cluster of bubbles.]

[video: A woman plays the maracas for a young girl. A young boy plays with a small set of symbols. A man playing a tambourine with a group of children talks to a young boy.]

Man: This is what I like to do Cody, you don’t have to, but let’s just march, lift our legs up.

[video: the children follow along with the man and lift their legs up to the beat of the tambourine. Camera pans across a line of children as they play maracas, bells and other musical instruments. A young boy throws a ball towards the camera. Camera switches to a side view of girls as they swing on the Molded Bucket seat sings. A woman holds a baby girls hand as they walk across the playground sand box. Camera zooms in on the woman’s hand as she holds onto the baby girls wrist.]

[video: a woman sits on the ground blowing bubbles for a young girl sitting in front of her.  A woman kneels in front of a young boy sitting on a small tractor. The woman says to the boy: My friend!]

[video: camera switches to a side view of the woman kneeling in front of the boy tractor rider as she speaks to him. Children and parents grab different musical instruments at an events table. A young boy sitting on the ground plays a small drum. A young girl dances to music in front of a bubble machine.]

[video: a woman sits with a group of children underneath the playground decking in the shade. The woman hands a young girl a foam visor.]

Woman: There you go put it on.

[video: the young girl grabs the visor and inspects it.]

Woman: We found a cold place to play.

[video: the woman and children clue foam letters spelling their names on their foam visors. A young boy sitting in the Wire Crawl tunnel tries to stick his hands through the small holes. A young boy holds up a camera trying to take a picture of the camera man. Camera switches to a girl of girls standing on the top of the playground decking.]

Girl: It’s very fun, playground.

[video: camera switches to two women as they push their children in the full infant bucket seat swings. Camera zooms in on a young baby boy with nasal oxygen tube as he gently swings in a swing. Camera zooms in on another young boy as he swings in his bucket seat.]

[video: a girl steps off the playground decking onto a Disc Challenge bridge. Symbols play in the background. A group of children sit together in the cozy dome. Two girls sit inside the Cozy Dome playing with toy animals. One of the girls leans forward pushing her giraffe toy animal towards the camera. She makes trumpet noises and bulls back her toy. Camera switches to outside the Cozy Dome. A girl sticks a dinosaur toy through one of the holes of the dome. She pulls the toy away from the whole to smile and giggle.]

[video: Fade in to a boy sitting on the ground looking down. Fade in to a close-up of a girls face as she slightly smiles at something. Fade in to a boy wearing glasses as he looks around the playground. Fade in on girls face as a face painter paints a unicorn on her cheek. Fade in on a girl as her mother holds her arms and moves them around to help her daughter dance. Fade in on a boy’s face as he looks at the camera. Fade in on a girl’s face painted like a cheetah, she stares at the camera intensely. Fade in on a girl as she wipes away a hair on her chin. Fade in to a young boy sitting on the Sway Fun, he smirks as he looks around.]

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