Commercial Shade Structures

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From small shade to big shade and decorative shade to themed shade, our SkyWays® shade structures by Landscape Structures offer flexible and stylish options to make everywhere that people gather outside more comfortable. All of our commercial shade structures provide critical protection, blocking up to 97 percent of the sun’s UV rays while making temperatures underneath the shade up to 30 degrees cooler. Our commercial shade structures make any play, rest, and activity safer and more enjoyable.

SkyWays shade sails are not only an effective defense against harsh elements but a creative and stylish solution to any outdoor atmosphere. We offer more affordable options to traditional metal or wood shelters and more versatility with attractive colors and virtually endless design possibilities. SkyWays shade structures are available in a variety of heights, lengths, and coverage areas to fit any space and budget.

Learn more about the benefits of commercial shade for your park, playground, outdoor classroom, sports and recreation complex, aquatics facility, restaurant, or other areas requiring shade.

Why choose our shade structures?

ISO-logos-240.jpgSkyWays commercial shade structures are unmatched in their quality of manufacturing. At every point in the process — from designing and engineering to welding and powdercoating the steel and cutting and sewing the fabric — attention to detail is paired with an unwavering commitment to lasting quality and satisfaction. To ensure no detail is missed, our team of engineers is led by a professional engineer.

AISC_Classic_240x.jpgOur tireless commitment to quality means sourcing only the highest quality materials for projects of all sizes. We are certified to both ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 1400:2015 standards. Offering a process-oriented structure, ISO 9001:2015 is customer focused and emphasizes continuous improvement in quality, while ISO 1400:2015 drives us toward operating in a manner that is environmentally conscious.

Being AISC Certified demonstrates our commitment to building to the strictest quality standards from the start. Additionally, we are Approved Fabricator in Clark County, City of Los Angeles and City of Phoenix. By complying with the rigorous standards established by the most recognized national quality certification program for the structural steel industry, you can feel confident about the superior quality of our shade products.

Commercial shade sails and structures we offer

KC-ZooShade_350.jpgSkyWays offers the largest reprieve from the sun’s rays to provide safe, cool, and reliable shade for any outdoor activity. Whether you're looking for a standard commercial shade sail or need a custom solution to fit your unique needs, our team of design experts will help you bring your commercial shade sail vision to reality.

Our commercial shade structures come in a variety of shapes, heights, and sizes to provide the right amount of shade with the style that fits your exact needs. We offer shade canopies, cantilever shades, single post shades, double post shades, hexagon/umbrella shades, and pyramid shade structures. Custom shades can be configured for projects requiring more specific design requirements.

Where can commercial shade structures be used?

PickleballCourtsParkRec_Shade.jpgSkyWays provides nearly unlimited shade capabilities for a variety of places. Recreational areas such as tennis courts, fitness parks, playgrounds, dog parks, outdoor classrooms,and other outdoor activities such as zoos, amusement parks, amphitheaters, waterparks, splash pads, outdoor classrooms, public/community spaces like pavilions, corporate locations, hotels, airports, and more have benefitted from the addition of commercial shade structures. We’ve worked with clients from all types of facilities, including schools, parks, zoos, museums, restaurants, and resorts.

Whatever the size, configuration, or attachment method of your project, we can create the ideal solution to fit the unique requirements of your environment. If your projects require removal or reinstallation of shade canopies, our patented Rapid Release® system features an adjustable mechanism to remove your SkyWays shade quickly and easily, and also achieve proper tensioning while reinstalling.

Shade shapes and sizes

AllentownSplashTennisandFitnessV2-350.jpgOur commercial shade structures include many color, size, entry height, and shape options to provide the ultimate sun protection along with the look you want for your play area, venue, or organization. Everything is highly customizable for unique shade fabric color and shape combinations, drawing more attention and visitors to your outdoor space.

Our global network of commercial shade experts is available to help you find the right shade sail size, shape, and attachment method for your project. They are a highly trained and responsive team who are deeply engaged and go above and beyond to deliver every time.