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Find helpful information to plan your client's playground. Then find playground design architecture inspiration for your park and playground by browsing our collection of designs.

Playgrounds facilitate a child’s natural desire to run and play but they are more than “just fun.” The play that happens on a playground supports the physical benefits of children becoming heathier and stronger as well as encourages the growth of critical developmental and social skills. The benefits are immediate as children grow, as well as long-term, creating healthy habits they will carry into adulthood. 

But playgrounds aren’t just for kids. A well-designed playground can serve as a backdrop for community activities and social gatherings. It can be a destination that brings people together, increases community engagement and creates a sense of belonging. 

At Landscape Structures, we understand how the design of a children’s playground can shape a child’s development as well as the community in which it resides. Together, we can create an iconic play environment that will push the limits of a child’s imagination and engage your community for decades.

Download Playgrounds Design Files & SketchUps

To help bring your playground design architecture and project ideas to life, we provide CAD/DWG files for all our products, as well as a sampling of SketchUp 3D models. You can get started by browsing our library of 3D Designs, CAD ideas or SketchUp models, or work with our expert team of designers, artists and engineers for custom renderings that meet your unique needs.

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Custom and Theme Playgrounds

Our approach to custom & theme playgrounds is as individual as your imagination. When it comes to something more custom, we have the experience and capabilities to bring your big ideas to life. And because we’re the only playground equipment manufacturer to perform all of our design, engineering and manufacturing in-house, every step is carefully achieved under our watchful eye.

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Featured Playgrounds

We’ve been fortunate to partner with landscape architects on some amazing projects, often with the goal of breathing new life into park spaces. Collaboration, innovation and creativity have resulted in the destination parks that welcome and draw children and families of all ages and abilities.

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Continuing Education for Landscape Architects

We are committed to providing a variety of educational resources specifically designed to encourage outdoor activities that develop healthy kids, families and communities. We have published several whitepapers on recent trends and offer educational seminars for landscape architects to provide continuing education credits.

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Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

Video description: From fully themed wonderlands to palettes that span oceans and deserts and everything in between. See a few of the signature playground designs from out 2019 PLAY Book in action.

On-Screen text: Pioneer Park, Mesa AZ. [video: overhead view shows custom sculptural play structure themed after local trees, a pistache tree, a pine tree, and a palm tree. Featuring plenty of climbing, height, and tall slides from the top of a pine.]

[video: a father walks up a ramp holding the hand of his son who eagerly runs towards the structure. Two slides run parallel to each other off the pistache tree. A man slides down one next to his daughter.]

Boy 1: (from somewhere within the tree structures) It's fun!

Boy 2: It's so high!

Camera man to a young girl: So, do you like our new tree tops? (girl grins and nods to camera).

Boy 3: It's cool! It's the best thing ever. [boys ride down extra-long roller slide together.]

[video: side view of playground at twilight shows various parts of structure lit with motion sensor lights, as kids play throughout the structure.]

[video: switches to Paco Sanchez playground climbable logo structure.]

On-screen text: Paco Sanchez Park, Denver, CO.

[video: aerial view shows a group of kids running towards custom play structure. Structure is themed after Paco Sanchez, the first Hispanic radio DJ, in the shape of a sculptural vintage microphone. It features a long, spiraling stainless steel slide, and plenty of options to climb throughout.]

[video: camera pans from bottom of structure and rises to the top.]

Girl 1: (resting on rubber belting within) I really like it, it's like an obstacle. [camera looks up throughout the interior of the microphone to show a view of the underside of the slide and kids climbing around a throughout on nets, ropes and belting.]

Boy 1: (smirks at camera) There's a lot of stuff. (view of complicated network of climbers).

Woman: I like spending time with my kids and... this is fun.

Boy 2: (interrupting as he bounces up and down on rubber belting) I'm bouncy!

Woman: I like the design, I like the structure. [Boy works his way up a complicated path surrounding the slide] You know, you can climb. [Another boy uses footholds on exterior of slides to climb to top.] It's very physical. Even for adults. [Woman goes down slide with her son].

[video: aerial view shows bridge entering microphone structure set inside of the park surrounded by greenery].

On-Screen text: Domino Park, Brooklyn NY. [video: custom play structure modeled after the old Domino Sugar Factory in NY. Featuring stainless steel slides from both sides of the tall structure.]

On-Screen text: Situated along the East River [video: playground sits parallel to the East River, surrounded by colorful landscaping, and a boardwalk with a bridge in the background of the scene.]

On-Screen text: the park sits on the former site of the 150-year-old Domino Sugar Refinery. [video: shows opposite side of play structure with a small wooden house connected to a tall silo with a stainless-steel crawl tunnel.]

On-Screen text: The play experience

[video: a young boy does pull-ups on the side of the structure. A young boy climbs up a ladder between structures that leads children through the sugar refining process. Boy smiles into a Go-Pro as he goes down slide].

[video: overhead view shows entirety of all three structure.]

On-Screen text: From the Sugar Cane Cabin to the Sweetwater Silo to the Sugarcube Centrifuge.

[video: camera switches to a ground level view of the Sugar Cane Cabin and the Sweetwater Silo.

On-Screen text: part of the actual factory.

[video: a boy leans and shouts “Hello!” into a playground talk tube.

On-Screen text: An exciting and safe spot

[video: a mother says “I love you” into a playground talk tube. Scene switch to a boy on the other side of the playground talking back into the talk tube. He responds with “Me too!”.]

[video: scene switch to camera shooting up inside the Sweetwater Silo as two boys climb on the cargo nets.]

On-Screen text: for everyone to enjoy the historic spirit of this location.

[video: scene switch to an elevated view of the far end of the park with the harbor to the left of the play area as families play all around. Fade to black.]

[video: fade in to an elevated view of a playground made of recycled wood planks and climbing cargo nets as children climb and play all around.]

On-Screen text: French Regional Park Plymouth, MN

[video: overhead view of structure shows playground full of cargo nets and recycled plastic lumber. The camera pans between various playground highlights including cargo netting climbers, play panels, slides, and plenty of climbing features connected throughout with climbers and ramps. Switch back to overhead view of the large play structure.

[video: A young girl climbs up a net. Scene switches to two young kids swinging on the Friendship Swing, which features two seats that face each other so people may socialize while swinging.]

Young Girl 1: I like that there's a lot of climbing apparatuses on the playground.

Man 1: The nets are unique, you know? They've always been unique. I used to come here as a kid.

[video: pans to kids sitting and playing in the cargo net.]

Man voiceover: They revamped it and kind of kept the old style, but made it newer you know?

Woman: So, it's nice they have more solid structures for kids of all ages to climb on.

[video: toddler climbs around 2-5 play structure.]

[video: overhead view shows entirety of structure with various slides extruding from it. Scene switches to two young kids smiling and waving to camera. Switches back to overhead view and zooms out as the scene fades into the Landscape Structures logo with text below reading: For a better tomorrow we play today.]

Partnering with Landscape Architects

Playground design concepts are endless. Whether you want to showcase a community’s history or distinct topography, realize an original playground theme or incorporate a variety of materials, our experience and broad creative range can help bring your ideas to life. We will work together to ensure the result best reflects your distinct vision, goals and needs. The experts on Landscape Structures’ design team and your local playground consultant will guide you through every step from concept through completion.

  • Listen: On the phone, in online meetings, at site visits or via collaborative discussions and brainstorming, we get to know you, the community you’re working with, and your goals.
  • Define: As we explore your signature vision, we’ll work with you to define specific goals, steps and timelines.
  • Shape: Our collaboration takes shape as we focus on how the play environment looks and feels, what the experience should be, and which components will make it happen.
  • Build: We’ll engineer and manufacture your entire playground design to the highest environmental and quality standards, then work with you all the way through installation.
  • Experience: Landscape Structures has experience working with a variety of standard and non-traditional materials, from metal and concrete to cables and environmentally-friendly options and can help select the right materials for your design.