Landscape Architects

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Find helpful information to plan your client's playground. Then find architecture inspiration for your park and playground by browsing our collection of designs. Together, we can create an iconic play environment that will push the limits of children's imaginations and engage your client's community for decades. 

Playgrounds encourage the growth of critical developmental and social skills. The benefits are immediate as children grow, as well as long-term, creating healthy habits they will carry into adulthood. But playgrounds aren’t just for kids. A well-designed playground can serve as a backdrop for community activities and social gatherings. It can be a destination that brings people together, increases community engagement and creates a sense of belonging. 

Download Playground Design Files

You can get started by browsing our library of installed projects and playground design ideas and download CAD files.

Download SketchUp Files

Download from our sampling of SketchUp 3D models to bring your projects to life and give your clients a better feel for the space.

Browse our design files available on and download playground structures and stand-alone play elements that meet your project's needs.

View our PLAY Books

Our approach to custom & theme playgrounds is as individual as your imagination. When it comes to something more custom, we have the experience and capabilities to bring your big ideas to life.

Featured Playgrounds

We’ve been fortunate to partner with landscape architects on some amazing projects, often with the goal of breathing new life into park spaces. Collaboration, innovation and creativity have resulted in destination parks that welcome and draw children and families of all ages and abilities.

Continuing Education for Landscape Architects

We are committed to providing a variety of educational resources specifically designed to encourage outdoor activities that develop healthy kids, families and communities. We have published several whitepapers on recent trends and offer educational seminars providing landscape architects with continuing education credits.