Our Design Approach

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A Customized Experience

There is no one with more design talent, material options, advanced manufacturing capabilities or guidance to bring your unique destination to life. We’ll learn about your goals and vision, and work collaboratively with you to make it real.

We perform all of our design, engineering and manufacturing in-house, so each step is carefully followed-through under our watchful eye as we inspire, innovate and evolve ideas together.

We treat each assignment as a singular project. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Every playground’s made to order. And because we’re 100 percent employee-owned, we are completely vested in our work. We want to create something that we’ll be proud of for years to come. Regardless of project size, you’ll have direct access to our design team throughout the entire process. We love to hear from clients first-hand to discover how to make their project a success.

We're passionate about working together with communities to provide the best solution for creating inclusive play spaces for every destination.

Children playing on a playground with a girl in a wheelchair in the foreground.

Inclusive Play

Well-designed inclusive parks and playspaces welcome children of all ages and abilities to play, learn and grow together. Inclusive playgrounds should feature activities that are age and developmentally appropriate, sensory stimulating and universally designed.

Nature-Inspired Play

Research shows that children who play in natural settings are typically healthier and happier. Nature-inspired playgrounds combine the adventure and wonder of nature with the durability, safety and low maintenance of high-quality play equipment. 

Custom & Themes

Whether a distinctive landscape, historical homage, custom fantasy or abstract wonderland, our design inspiration can jumpstart your imagination. Our diverse design and manufacturing team work together with landscape architects and communities to provide the best solution for every destination.

Fitness-Focused Play

Being physically active is one of the most important actions people of all ages can take to enhance their overall health. A well-designed fitness playground gives adults and kids the opportunity to experience heart-healthy cardiovascular activity and strength training exercises with challenge and access for all abilities

Good Design Matters

Whether realized or not, design affects our perceptions and experiences. Our environment influences how we engage, learn and develop.

A playground is a social space. And every child is different. We design with these differences in mind, in ways that respect and honor each pathway, while offering fun and exciting new challenges. There’s nothing better than seeing a child’s curiosity rewarded with the joy of discovery.

Additionally, color is just as important to the play experience as form. When applied with thoughtful inspiration, the right color choices can play across all playstructure materials to add visual texture and sculptural interest.

Color Inspiration

Because color is the first thing that the human eye sees, it immediately impacts how children respond to a playground, along with the forms of the structure and how a playground plays, it is one of the most important decisions that can be made when designing a playground environment.

Color Palettes

We offer over 60 distinct color palettes and hundreds of playground color combinations that come together perfectly to match your play personality. These palettes are inspired by nature, science, art and everything in between to make your playground stand apart from the others.


We design exhilaration and elation.
Challenge and pride.
Imagination, dreams, inspiration.
Friendship, community, respect.
We design the launch pad for a million stories.
The doorway to epic adventures.
The backdrop for a lifetime of memories.

We design playgrounds. 

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