Additional Site Features

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Complete your Commercial Playground with Additional Recreational Equipment

Enhance your commercial playground with additional features that will elevate the overall experience for children and families at your park, school or church recreation area. Providing ample shade through commercial canopy shade structures shields kids from the sun, reducing the risk of heat-related illnesses, and giving caregivers a cool place to relax. Benches and picnic tables offer a comfortable spot to supervise, fostering community engagement. Trash and recycling receptacles promote environmental responsibility, keeping the area clean.

Informative signage can educate visitors about playground rules and safety guidelines, while fitness equipment encourages physical activity for all ages. Splash play features provide refreshing fun during hot summer days, promoting active play and social interaction. Pour-in-place rubberized safety surfacing minimizes injuries from falls, ensuring a safe environment for all, and offers access to visitors with mobility devices. By incorporating these elements, a commercial playground becomes a well-rounded and inviting space that promotes health, safety, and enjoyment for all.

Shade Structures

Commercial shade structures keep kids and equipment cool and comfortable during play!

Playground Flooring

Encourage a safe and accessible commercial playground space with pour-in-place safety surfacing.

Outdoor Exercise Equipment

Outdoor commercial fitness equipment invites visitors of all ages to exercise and stay healthy.

Playground Furnishings & Accessories

Playground site furnishings like benches, picnic tables and trash receptacles provide a stylish way to accommodate park visitors.

Splash Pads

Expand play into cool, splashing fun with commercial water parks and splash pads from Aquatix by Landscape Structures.

Park & Playground Signage

Ensure communication is clear with commercial playground signage that provides park rules, information and enhances communication for visitors.