Color Palettes

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The Power of Color Selection

We live in color. In fact, color is energy we not only see, but feel, and it has proven physical, emotional and social impacts on us. That’s why thoughtful color selection is a critical part of creating playgrounds that not only add aesthetic beauty to a community, but are also beneficial to all who visit.

From infancy through early adolescence, color perception is closely linked to cognitive development. As kids age, they move beyond the simple primary colors toward more complex and sophisticated hues. At Landscape Structures, we created a spectrum of proprietary colors and complementing palettes that offer communities an opportunity to choose the colors that best suit their environment and also draw children to play.

From form to function to color, we continually evolve our palette options to echo changing trends and provide the best play opportunities to help kids grow to be better adults.

Let us consult on color selection to bring out the best in your playground. Ask your local Landscape Structures consultant about next steps.

Featured Playful Palettes

Fun choices for 2 to 5 year olds featuring the bright options they enjoy

Featured Nature-Inspired Palettes

Developed to complement the natural environment for all ages

Featured Sophisticated Palettes

Matching the advanced visual perception of 5 to 12 year olds

Our Full Collection of Over 60 Color Palettes

From subtle statements to bold impacts, we have the colors to suit your space! We offer over 60 distinct color palettes and hundreds of playground color combinations that come together perfectly to match your play personality. These palettes are inspired by nature, science, art and everything in between to make your playground stand apart from the others. Every color meets our rigorous standards for fade-resistance, gloss retention and durability.

AA - AZ Palettes

BA - BZ Palettes

CA - CL Palettes