Precision Manufacturing

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Our Commitment to Detail and Superior Quality Assurance

Because so much of our manufacturing is done in-house, we have more control over the final outcome. That’s good for us, and good for you. There’s more room for collaboration, innovation and ideas. There’s more room for better solutions and more room for quality assurance. From artists to welders to engineers, we keep a watchful eye over the craft, quality and safety standards of everything we produce.

Concrete Playground Solutions

We’re the only playground manufacturer in the industry with an in-house concrete plant. Opened in 2011, our world-class, green manufacturing facility enables us to bring any playground theme or idea to life. Bringing this production in-house has greatly improved the creativity and quality of our work.

Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) allows us to create nearly anything imaginable while following safety standards. We’ve used concrete to fashion everything from rocks and trees to foxes, spaceships and dragons. Our team of artists and sculptors are able to give our customers what they want and children the sensory stimulation they need. We can manipulate concrete to be colorful and smooth or subtle and rough—whatever the imagination and project requires.

Lean Playground Manufacturing Practices

We began our journey toward lean manufacturing more than a decade ago, and it’s now a natural part of who we are. Our lean practices focus on eliminating waste in order to increase manufacturing productivity. We have made investments in order to have top-of-the-line manufacturing equipment like our tube and sheet lasers, MIG welding, rotational molding, a 1,400 foot powder paint line and much more.

Painting Process

Paintline-350.jpgWith 39,000 square-feet of manufacturing space dedicated to our powder coating process, you can feel confident in our commitment to color. We offer a six-stage pre-treatment process and a two-step coating process, including an epoxy primer for maximum corrosion protection, extending the life of the product by up to four times.

Playground Equipment Fabrication and Welding

Fabrication and WeldingIn its more than 30,000 square feet of fabrication and welding space, Landscape Structures offers general fabrication, welding and robotic welding. Skilled hand-welders are hard to come by, and we’re proud that every one of our welders are certified through the American Welding Society (AWS), and are trained annually for recertification.

Tube and Sheet Laser Cutting

Manufacturing02_530.jpgTo increase our precision in cutting aluminum and steel, we installed a tube and sheet laser in 2006 and 2011, respectively. The tube laser allows us to combine drilling and notching operations into one machine to reduce time, and its software system allows us to nest components to minimize scrap. Laser-cut parts can help increase accuracy and minimize downstream processing time.

Rotational Molding

We’ve dedicated 43,000 square feet of manufacturing space to our rotational molding process. With four machines we have molding capabilities for parts as large as 13 feet.


Landscape Structures has 19 years of experience in the TenderTuff™ PVC coating process. PVC provides a durable, slip-resistant coating and insulation against extreme temperatures, making it great for foot-traffic areas and handrails. Choose from five standard colors: red, blue, brown, tan and gray.


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