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Community Playgrounds

Our new products are reinventing the common playground! Check out the newest innovations to encourage kids to play outdoors. 

Community playgrounds in parks, neighborhoods and urban settings do so much more than entice kids to be active. They encourage the development of important life skills, habits and attitudes. City playgrounds facilitate family time and multi-generational play between parents, grandparents and other caregivers and children. They improve quality of life by bringing people together and creating a sense of belonging.

As the heart of the community, we understand the importance of your municipal playground project(s). And with nearly 50 years of industry-leading design and engineering, we will help you create city playgrounds that increase engagement within your community today and for years to come.

Parks & Recreation Playground Planning

A well-designed playground encourages skill development through interactive play, sensory experiences, challenging activities, imagination and independence. With so many things to consider, city playground planning can feel overwhelming, but our local park and playground consultants and step-by-step guide breaks down the process to make it easy and streamlined. 

Whether you’re updating an existing playground or creating a new destination park, our park and playground consultants will help you assess your parks and recreation areas and community needs to create a playground design utilizing our newest playground innovations that visitors of all ages and abilities can enjoy. 

Visit our checklist to discover your ideal community playground and start planning. Browse playground ideas by age-range.

Inclusive Playgrounds Mean Inclusive Communities

Community playgrounds must encourage and support the development of healthy kids, while welcoming children of all abilities. This goes beyond simple accessibility, because getting a child with limited mobility onto the playground doesn’t necessarily enhance their play experience. Nor does it take into consideration children with sensory deficits and other developmental issues.

Our parks and recreation playground designs focus on five specific areas of skill development to provide a variety of developmental options for kids to choose from including:

  • Sensory
  • Motor
  • Cognitive
  • Strength
  • Social/Emotional

Using more than one sense at a time, like in multisensory experiences, helps to build the brain more quickly. Everyone can benefit from exploring these areas of developmental skills when at play, however, kids with disabilities may need to break that information into smaller parts. Some may require additional sensory input, others do better with less. Some may prefer to experience this input more frequently, others less frequently. Our experts can help you find the “just-right” fit for all visitors.

We can help ensure that your playground includes a wide range of activities to accommodate a variety of developmental needs. Learn more about our inclusive playground options.

Funding Options, Playground Grants and Purchasing Contracts for Municipal Playgrounds

We don’t want funding to be the obstacle that keeps your community playground dreams from becoming a reality. We offer fundraising programs and a playground grant guide to make playground fundraising effective and hassle free. We also have purchasing contracts to avoid the bid process and expedite the steps for purchasing.

Purchasing contracts – Any tax-based agency or non-profit 501c can take advantage of buying cooperatives and simplify the purchasing process. These nationwide government procurement contracts are compliant with state bidding statutes because they have been awarded through a competitive, public bidding process.

Playground grants – Many organizations allocate funds for playground projects and several federal and state programs award grants for playgrounds. Our playground grant guide includes listings of federal and state programs as well as grants offered by corporations and organizations. We will also give you tips on how to write a community playground grant proposal that gets noticed.

Fundraising – We will introduce you to new ways to help fund your community playground. From scratch-off games to walk-a-thons, we can help you set up a highly profitable fundraising program.

These are more traditional funding methods, but there is also the option of finding partnerships with local, like-minded organizations, such as Kiwanis clubs and Rotary International, the Y, or local school and library districts. There is nearly always money available, you just have to know where to look.

Explore the many ways to fund your parks and recreation playgrounds.

Stay Current with Park and Playground Trends

Stay up to date on current trends for park and playground topics with our education seminars and earn continuing education credits at the same time.

Another opportunity is to apply for our state scholarship to fund keynote speakers at your park and recreation state conferences.

Work with a Consultant

Our global network of playground consultants is available to help find the right municipal playground design that is safe, challenging and fun for everyone in your community. They’ll learn about your specific needs and priorities, then collaborate with you through every step to make the process as easy as possible.