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Playground Education

Staying Up-To-Date on Industry Trends

Playground Education

Shaping Communities through Play

At Landscape Structures, we're more than the leading manufacturer of park and playground equipment. We're dedicated researchers, educators and experts passionate about creating innovative playground designs that help children grow up healthy and happy. We never stop reaching for knowledge and pass along the information we gather so we can continue to be a playground education resource.

Playground Education Resources


We have released several whitepapers about the importance of outdoor play, physical activity and the benefits of playgrounds. These whitepapers serve as educational resource and a reference throughout playground projects.

Learn more by downloading our whitepapers.

Continuing Education Seminars

IACET Certified Education Provider LogoAs an authorized provider of continuing education from the International Association for Continuous Education and Training (IACET),  The American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the Landscape Architecture Continuing Education System™ (LA CES), we offer recreation professionals and landscape architects continuing education credits (CEUs), Learning Units (LUs) and Professional Development Hours (PDHs).

We also offer virtual CEUs! Find a session that best fits your needs in our 100 level courses or 200 level offerings

Developmental Benefits of Play

Play promotes developmental benefits that are critical for the successful growth of a child's brain and body.

Learn about playgrounds and the emotional, social and cognitive development that happens during play.

Play in Early Childhood

When play is emphasized in early childhood, it lays a foundation for critical developmental skills that will help children grow into successfully functioning adults.

Learn more about the importance of play in early childhood.

Play at Schools

Unstructured physical activity on the playground helps kids become smarter, healthier and stronger. When kids experience unstructured play during school, their physical health improves and it increases their chances to succeed in the classroom.

Learn more about the benefits of play at school during recess.

Community Playgrounds

Community playgrounds entice kids and adults to be active outside, improve neighborhood aesthetics and bring people together.

Learn more about creating a unique gathering spot that attracts visitors from all over and benefits the entire community..

Playgrounds, Fitness, & Healthy Lifestyles

Including outdoor fitness equipment in a playground's design encourages kids and adults to make healthy choices. Outdoor playgrounds make fitness fun and engaging for people of all ages and fitness ability.

Learn more about building a fitness-focused playground.

Developmental Benefits of Playground Equipment

A well-designed playground attracts children to play while teaching key developmental skills. Adding stimulating and challenging equipment to a playground increases the value of play.

Learn about playground design and the benefits of playground equipment.

Balancing Safety & Challenge in Playground Design

Including exciting and interesting playground elements that test and challenge children increases the developmental benefits of play. However, this skill-building and brain and body development can't take place without age- and developmentally appropriate challenges.

Learn how to provide a safe environment with play challenges that test and teach kids new skills.