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Federal Playgrounds

We've identified some key elements to help you along your way in the playground planning process. Learn how our GSA Contract and other purchasing contracts will help expedite the purchasing process.

The type of play children experience on a playground is critical to shaping the adults they will become. Aside from simply being a source of fun, playgrounds provide tremendous benefits to a child’s mental and physical growth and encourage the development of important life skills, habits and attitudes.

Landscape Structures offers support to federally funded organizations working to build playgrounds such as those that are part of the Head Start program, and playgrounds or fitness courses on military bases or part of federal facilities. Whether you are creating a new playground or updating an existing one, our playground consultants will walk with you step-by-step to help you build a play space that encourages skill development through interactive play, sensory experiences and challenging activities.

A Playground for Everyone

A well-designed playground can be a destination that brings people together, increases community engagement and creates a sense of belonging. We have experience working with organizations to design Head Start or military playgrounds that support their specific goals and reflect the spirit of the community.

For example, incorporating playground fitness equipment into a playground or park is a great way to increase usage and entice kids and adults to be active together. Because outdoor exercise equipment doesn’t require a gym membership, all community members receive the opportunity to build a personal exercise program and improve their health. Adding SkyWays® shade products to a playground could also increase its appeal by making the area more comfortable for visitors.

Additionally, it’s important to ensure playgrounds welcome all children and their families to play together, regardless of their abilities. Our inclusive playground designs promote A Higher Level of Inclusive Play® by addressing accessibility, age and developmental appropriateness and sensory-stimulating activity. We can help ensure that your playground includes a wide range of activities to accommodate a variety of developmental needs.

Getting Started

We know the playground planning process can feel overwhelming, so we created a step-by-step guide that breaks down the process to make it easy and fun. Our tools and resources help guide you through important steps like funding, design and maintenance.

Playground Funding

We can walk you through the process of finding and obtaining various grant funding sources and the purchasing contracts available to federally funded organizations that could make your project more affordable.

The General Services Administration (GSA), for example, is a centralized procurement arm of the federal government that leverages the volume of the federal market to decrease costs and simplify the procurement of playground equipment. As a playground GSA vendor, qualifying agencies can purchase Landscape Structures park and playground equipment, reducing costs and bypassing the bid process. For more information, browse our available purchasing contracts or contact your local playground consultant.

Playground Designs

We make it easy to find a playground design that meets the needs of your organization or community by offering several great pre-configured structures and play systems. Our PlaySense® designs and Smart Play® pre-configured playstructures make the process efficient, keep costs down and include key components kids love while maintaining durability and high-quality standards.

Playground Maintenance

Proper maintenance is a key factor to ensuring a safe place for kids to play. Performing a safety audit along with regularly scheduled preventative maintenance inspections help ensure dangerous hazards are kept at bay.

Every Weevos®, Evos®, PlayBooster®, Smart Play® system or PlayShaper® playground system is delivered with a customized maintenance guide, so you can develop a maintenance program specific to your playground components and play events. Illustrated sheets provide step-by-step instructions on how to inspect each component. And an accompanying “Guide to the Frequency of Inspections” helps you weigh the various factors involved in devising a maintenance schedule.

Military-Themed Playgrounds

We also offer several custom and theme options, including military-themed play structures that support our troops and give kids the opportunity to act out the lives of heroes. Our in-house design team, consisting of playground designers, custom designers, sculptors and artists, will help you create one-of-a-kind playgrounds that become a source of community pride.

Work with a Playground Expert

Our global network of playground consultants is available to help you design a playground that fits your specific needs and priorities. They will collaborate with you through every step to create a playground design utilizing our newest playground innovations that visitors of all ages and abilities can enjoy.