Playground Maintenance

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Importance of Proper Playground Maintenance

A few examples of conditions that may arise when our installation and maintenance recommendations are not followed:

  • Improper depth of safety surfacing
  • Fasteners not properly torqued
  • Drive rivets missing from load-bearing clamps
  • Inadequate volume of concrete on footings
  • Worn bushings on swing hangers
  • Single rails that spin or rotate

General Maintenance Information

Below you’ll find a general maintenance document for our play systems. These instructions should guide you during normal inspections and maintenance and help you determine the frequency of inspection needed based on the age of your users, surfacing type, materials and environmental factors.

It is essential you check equipment and surfacing carefully and make any necessary repairs.

Download Playground Maintenance Instructions

If you have other maintenance questions or need to order replacement parts for your Landscape Structures playground, contact us.