Playground Purchasing Contracts

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Leveraging Cooperative Purchasing

Purchasing contracts, sometimes called buying cooperatives or buying agreements, enable qualifying organizations to purchase park and playground equipment more quickly while satisfying all bid requirements. It also simplifies and expedites the procurement process because instead of seeking quotes, bids or proposals, organizations can purchase Landscape Structures products from a cooperative contract catalog. There is strength in numbers and playground buying agreements allow groups to pool their buying power together to negotiate better pricing.

Playground purchasing contracts are especially valuable for smaller organizations, non-profits and agencies because they benefit from the market share leveraged by larger consumers and capitalize on the experience and expertise of those with specialized knowledge in the sector. And since the contracts are nationwide government-procurement services, all contracts have gone through a competitive, public bidding process that is compliant with state bidding statutes.

How Playground Buying Agreements Work

Playground purchasing contracts allow smaller groups to receive the same benefits as much larger organizations. Although every buying group is different, purchasing contracts are typically created and utilized through the following process:

  1. Two parties or more identify a common requirement suitable for cooperative purchase and sign a written agreement to work together. Usually, other qualifying parties can join the group at any time.
  2. A single lead party solicits proposals and awards a contract(s).
  3. The awarded contract(s) becomes available for other parties within the buying group to utilize.
  4. Participating groups sign an agreement to follow the details laid out in the contract.

Qualifications and Joining a Buying Group

Any tax-based agency or non-profit 501c can take advantage of playground buying agreements. There is no cost, and enrollment is easy. Once enrolled – typically through a short registration process – members can purchase Landscape Structures park and playground equipment as well as SkyWays® Shade Products through any of the following contracts: 

HGACBuy – Landscape Structures Contract #PR11-18 allows for the purchase of playground related products as well as the installation of these products. The eligible users are state agencies, counties, municipalities, special districts, qualifying non-profits and other political subdivisions of a state. Potential new contract users are to print the inter local agreement from the HGACBuy website, complete it and submit it to HGACBuy for approval.

OMNIA Partners – Landscape Structures Contract #10-03 allows the purchase of playground-related products and the installation of these products as well. Eligible users include any school, college, government entity, state agency, healthcare organization or non-profit.

NASPO ValuePoint – Landscape Structures Contract #6484 allows for the purchase of park and recreation equipment in all states, the District of Columbia and U.S. Territories. Each state determines which entities including state agencies, higher education institutions, political subdivisions and non-profit organizations may use each NASPO ValuePoint contract. 

Sourcewell (formerly National Joints Powers Alliance® (NJPA)) – Landscape Structures holds Contract #010521-LSI for the purchase of playground and park equipment and Contract #010721-LSI for the purchase of outdoor fitness equipment for parks and trails. Eligible users are schools, universities, nonprofit organizations and government agencies. Users can quickly and easily join for free without fees, commitments or obligations. 

The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS) – Landscape Structures Contract #18070401 allows for the purchase of park and playground equipment. Eligible users are education — K-12 school districts, charter schools, universities, private schools, colleges, special education districts, etc.— government agencies including cities, counties, Native American Tribes and more, and non-profit organizations. Membership is specific to your home state.

We're Here to Help

Choosing to work with a playground buying agreement or purchasing contract can streamline your purchasing timeline and eliminate any guesswork in what materials and or services you will receive. Contact us to learn how you can take advantage of playground purchasing contracts.