Our Family

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Their Story Is Our Story: Steve and Barb King cofounded Landscape Structures and, in the process, transformed an entire industry. Discover how Barb and Steve built a company that would be the measuring stick for all other playground manufactures.

Explore the success story of Landscape Structures that Steve and Barb King set into motion. The story starts with Steve's idea of "continuous play" -- a groundbreaking notion in playground design. 

From early days working out of their garage, Barb and Steve developed their business into a phenomenon that has set the standard for playground design around the world.

Not only has Landscape Structures meant success for Steve and Barb King, but it has grown into a collaborative effort through employee ownership, where each employee not only shares in the success of the business but is the source of its innovation and excellence in design and manufacturing.

Through a network of international consultants, Landscape Structures is able to reach every corner of the world with its innovation and culture of play.

Learn about the employee owners and consultants who work hard every day to turn dreams into reality.

Steve King

Learn about the man who set play innovation in motion.

Barb King

A dedicated, passionate person, committed to making the world better.

Our Employee Owners

From Delano, Minnesota to Dallas, Texas, our employees are the engine of continuous innovation and excellence.

Our Global Network of Consultants

Landscape Structures' extended family helps us reaches the far corners of the world.

Different from the beginning

Read our Rich History