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Giving You the Service You Deserve

We want your community to take pride in a playground they can call their own. But we realize we’re only one piece of the puzzle, and every space and project is entirely unique. We’re not looking to simply get product out the door, we want to be your solution provider.

We’re Committed to You

That’s why we’ve created a global network of local playground experts to be at your side, every step of the way. With an average of 20 years of experience, our playground consultants are knowledgeable, personable and, you might find at the successful completion of your project, even huggable.

"I go by the customer’s lead, more than my own lead. They lead the path to where they want their project to go, and I accommodate whatever their project needs or wants are, because no two customers are the same."

Laura Schellenberg
NuToys Leisure Products, Inc.

Your Landscape Structures playground consultant is backed by a team of field technicians, designers and customer experience representatives. They can guide you through product pricing and specifications, customization, financing options, community builds, on-time deliveries, maintenance, finding replacement parts and service questions.

Become a Consultant

If you’re committed to building better communities and helping kids create their future, perhaps you’d like to partner with us. Our consultants are independent, driven, and crucial to our success. They are our local extension and face to our customers.

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