Early Childhood Playgrounds

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We make playground safety a top priority, and will help you keep kids safe with our age-appropriate products, safety surfacing and shade products.

Early childhood playgrounds offer not only the physical benefits of children becoming heathier and stronger, but they encourage the growth of critical developmental and social skills that will eventually help children become effective thinkers, leaders and collaborators. As children play they learn persistence, patience, coping skills, share with others, practice empathy and express their thoughts and ideas.

The National Association for Education of Young Children (NAEYC) says that playful learning outdoors goes beyond mere niceties and is critical for healthy whole child development. And, when play is emphasized in early childhood, it lays a foundation for important skills that will carry them to adulthood.

Designing Age-Appropriate Early Childhood Playgrounds

Early childhood playgrounds for toddlers or preschoolers encourage skill development through interactive play, sensory experiences, challenging activities, imagination and independence.

Inclusive Early Childhood Playgrounds

Children need to play, learn and grow together, side by side, and simple accessibility is not enough. Early childhood playgrounds should encourage and support the development of children with all levels of abilities.

Early Childhood Playground Designs & Plans

We understand planning a playground can feel overwhelming so we created a step-by-step guide that breaks everything down to make designing your childcare or daycare center playground easy and fun.

Safety Guidelines for Early Childhood Playgrounds

Scrapes and bruises are bound to happen as toddlers and preschoolers play, but it's important to take steps to eliminate the risk of more serious accidents or mishaps.

Funding & Grants for Early Childhood Playgrounds

Funding your playground may seem daunting, but we have effective fundraising tools, techniques and playground grant resources to make fundraising hassle free.

Early Childhood Partnerships

Landscape Structures is proud to partner with like-minded organizations to support our mission of improving the lives of children through safe and fun outdoor playground equipment.

Work with a Playground Consultant

Our global network of toddler and preschool playground experts is on hand to help find the right playground design that is safe, challenging and fun for all of your toddlers and preschoolers. They’ll learn about your specific needs and priorities, then guide you through every step to make the process as easy as possible. Connect with a Landscape Structures consultant.