Early Childhood Playground Funding

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Funding Options Big and Small

Playgrounds do more for early childhood development than many realize. There are the obvious physical benefits of kids becoming healthier and stronger but they also offer the opportunity to practice key developmental and social skills.

Even though a playground that challenges toddlers and preschoolers is a great investment, early childhood programs often worry about funding. That's why we offer several ways to support your playground funding efforts including fundraising tools, an early childhood playground grant guide, purchasing contracts, along with financing and leasing options.

Early Childhood Playground Fundraising

Fundraising doesn't have to be a headache. There are many fun, easy and effective ways to help fund your playground project. Whether it's a car wash, bake sale, walk-a-thon, or working with local restaurants to donate profits, we will give you the tools to set up a highly-profitable fundraising campaign.

Some partners we work with to enhance your childcare center's playground fundraising efforts include:

FundMonkey can turn any event into a successful fundraiser through technology and marketing materials. FundMonkey is a web-based, campaign management software designed to accept online donations, communicate with participants, improve participation and increase overall donations. Request a free sample kit.

Scratchcards are another fundraising option that focuses on personalization to attract support. The scratchcard will include a photo and/or name of your program on the cover and supporters scratch one or more dots and donate the amount uncovered. In return, you give them a coupon sheet for deals on restaurants, movies and more! Each card can earn up to $100.

Learn more about the various fundraising options available for your early childhood program.

Early Childhood Playground Grants

If your early childhood program is a non-profit, grants are another great way to secure funding for your playground. There is nearly always money available, you just have to know where to look. Our online Grant Resources provides a listing of federal and state grant programs, as well as grants offered by organizations and corporations to help you navigate the early childhood playground grant process. There are also location specific grant opportunities for each state as well as international opportunities.

Here are some examples of national grant programs included in the online grant resources:

  • The Christopher Reeve Foundation offers grants for special needs up to $25,000 to support non-profits addressing the needs of persons living with paralysis, their families and caregivers.
  • American Academy of Dermatology national shade structure program awards funds to facilities for installing permanent shade structures.
  • American Express has three divisions of their grant program, one of which includes community service and could be a good fit for the installation of a playground. Grant amounts vary and there is a rolling deadline.
  • The Campbell Soup Foundation donates approximately $1 million each year to a variety of organizations that focus on community wellbeing, youth empowerment and the development of a healthy community.

Our online Grant Resources are a valuable that makes it easy to secure supplemental funding for your new playground. For the most up-to-date information, contact us at 888.438.6574, or contact your local playground consultant.

Early Childhood Playground Grant Writing

Effectively secure grant funds for your new toddler or preschool playground by following these guidelines.

  • Start with an outline of your proposal
  • Establish clear goals and activities
  • Be sure to write specifically to the grant requirements
  • Write clearly, concisely and professionally
  • Write it as if you have already been funded and you are explaining what you will be doing
  • Answer each question in full
  • Allow enough time to get buy-in from required stakeholders at your childcare center so your grant can be submitted on time.
  • To make your grant stand out, use visuals – toddlers and preschoolers learning and playing – whenever possible
  • Carefully read and edit your entire proposal
  • Ask someone not familiar with your early childhood program to read the proposal for clarity

Additional Ways to Fund Your Early Childhood Playground

Purchasing contracts and leasing are more ways to overcome the early childhood playground funding hurdle.

Purchasing Contracts

Any tax-based agency or non-profit 501c can take advantage of buying cooperatives and expedite and simplify the purchasing process. These contracts are nationwide government-procurement services that establish competitively priced contracts for goods and services, including playground equipment for childcare programs and preschools, with the assurance that all contracts have been awarded through a competitive, public bidding process that is compliant with state bidding statutes.

It’s an easy-to-use, no cost service and you can enroll by completing a short registration process. Once enrolled, you can purchase Landscape Structures’ playground equipment at a great price through any of our contracts including HGACBuy, National Association of State Procurements Officials (NASPO), OMNIA Partners, National Joints Powers Alliance® (NJPA), The Cooperative Purchasing Network® (TCPN) or The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS/TAPs). Contact us to learn how you can take advantage of purchasing contracts.


We've aligned with National Cooperative Leasing, to provide early childhood programs with efficient financing solutions for playground equipment. With lease-purchase options, you can build your preschool and toddler playground today and fund it over time. Learn more about the attractive rates and simple process.

Contact a consultant to learn more about leasing and purchasing contracts.