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Create an Amazing Playground

Planning and building a playground is a rewarding, yet challenging experience. Whether you’re updating an existing playground or creating a new one, our guide will help you assess your play area and community needs, create a playground design that all visitors can enjoy, and properly install and maintain your play area. Take time to bring your vision into focus—and then let the dreaming, planning and designing begin! 

Planning is easy

• Envision
• Analyze
• Design
• Install
• Enjoy

Envision your play area

A great playground provides maximum play value and safety for visitors as well as minimizes the lifetime cost of ownership to you. Ideally, your playground will complement your community’s unique personality and be a destination for years to come. Get started by defining objectives for your play area. Planning an efficient and exciting layout and following recommended design guidelines can help ensure you create a beautiful playground that is safe, fun and comfortable for all visitors.

Community and user considerations

• What are the ages and abilities of the visitors who will use this play area?
• How many visitors will typically be playing at once?
• Are there unique historical characteristics, a color scheme or theme you’d like to incorporate?
• What additional amenities, such as shade, benches or restrooms, should be considered?
• Which members of the community could or should be involved in the planning, funding or installation?

Budget considerations

• Start outlining your budget.
• How will funds be secured? Do you need to consider additional fundraising?