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Playgrounds by Age

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) have established specific standards for playground design, including categories for playgrounds that fall within specific age ranges. This categorization enables manufacturers to create equipment that aligns with the developmental and safety needs of children at different stages of growth. At Landscape Structures, all of our commercial playground products are designed to fall within these specified age ranges to ensure the utmost safety and enjoyment of children at play.

6 to 23 Months

These tiny explorers experience significant physical and cognitive growth during this crucial stage, requiring tailored play environments that foster their strength, stability, motor skills, and emotional development. Our crawl tunnels, sensory panels, playhouses and more for tots provide just the right play options for this age group.

2 to 5 Years

Explore commercial playgrounds tailored to the curious minds of toddlers and preschoolers, promoting motor skills and social interaction. Slides, spinners, and climbers allow toddlers and preschoolers to challenge themselves appropriately based on their size and developmental level, prioritizing safety in the design process to meet all requirements. 

5 to 12 Years

Dive into commercial playground equipment that encourages active play and imaginative exploration for elementary-aged children. From play towers that offer exhilarating thrills to challenging, unscripted net climbers that require problem solving, our playgrounds cater to the full spectrum of interests and abilities of this age group. 

13+ Years

Check out our outdoor fitness equipment designed for teenagers and adults, offering workout challenges, ninja warrior circuits and other recreation opportunities for a lifetime of health. Middle-school and high-school aged kids are still seeking ways to exercise their bodies and challenge their minds. 

Design Inspiration

Browse design and equipment ideas & commercial playgrounds installed worldwide to see our innovation and superior construction.

Playground Structure Components

Browse commercial playground equipment like slides, climbers, bridges & ramps, overhead events and more that connect to a playstructure.

Freestanding Playground Equipment

View these independent play equipment events to add to any commercial school playground, park, childcare or public play environment.

Playground Furnishings & Accessories

Playground site furnishings like benches, picnic tables and trash receptacles provide a stylish way to accommodate park visitors.

Outdoor Exercise Equipment

Outdoor commercial fitness equipment invites visitors of all ages to exercise and stay healthy.

Shade Structures

Commercial shade structures keep kids and equipment cool and comfortable during play!

Playground Flooring

Encourage a safe and accessible commercial playground space with pour-in-place safety surfacing.

Splash Pads

Expand play into cool, splashing fun with commercial water parks and splash pads from Aquatix by Landscape Structures.

Park & Playground Signage

Ensure communication is clear with commercial playground signage that provides park rules, information and enhances communication for visitors.

Types of Commercial Playground Equipment

Bridges & Ramps – Commercial playground bridges and ramps are so much more than a way for kids to get from one playground component to the next. Our bridges and ramps are functional, fun, and help kids practice coordination and balance skills while traveling from one end of the play structure to the other.

Climbers - Children have an innate desire to climb and commercial playground equipment like climbing walls, ladders and cable rope nets have been fundamental fixtures on playgrounds for decades.

Decks – Commercial playground decks are the basic equipment on which any playground is built, providing the landing spot between play components, or a place to stop and rest.

Enclosures/Panels – Commercial playground panels increase the safety of a playground while also adding play activities. We offer playground play panels inspired by nature, science, art and everything in between to make your playground stand apart from the others.

Learning Walls – Commercial playgrounds are a place where children explore new activities and let their imaginations run free. This requires not only a universal design with exciting and challenging elements, but also age- and developmentally appropriate activities that are stimulating to the senses.

Mainstructures - Jumpstart your commercial playground with the right foundation to ensure the right combination of play equipment that delivers all the developmental benefits of play.

Spinners and Motion Play - With commercial playground equipment like seesaws, playground spinners, spring riders, zip lines and merry-go-rounds, children can develop better balance, spatial awareness, depth perception, and an understanding of cause-and-effect.

Overhead Events - Overhead play equipment for commercial playgrounds, like monkey bars, typically consist of a horizontally mounted overhead ladder that children can grip, hang or swing from and travel from one side to another.

Shade and Roofs – Commercial playground shade equipment makes outdoor playtime more enjoyable for both kids and adults while offering critical sun protection to help keep kids safe while they are having fun.

Sensory Play - Sensory-rich commercial playgrounds allow children of all ages and abilities to integrate and develop their senses, and the more they play, the more they develop skills necessary to engage, change and impact the world around them.

Signs - Our durable custom commercial playground signs are a great way to welcome visitors, mark trails, educate park users, and complete a theme.

Slides and Gliders - Slides are a commercial playground equipment staple that kids flock to. While kids see them as fun, slides also help integrate multiple developmental skills and senses.

Sports & Fitness Equipment - Incorporating commercial playground fitness equipment into your park or playground is a great way to increase usage, encourage kids and adults to be active, and improve the health of your entire community.

Swings and Swing Sets – With commercial playground swings and swing sets, children learn how their bodies move through space, the speed of movements they like, and the motor planning necessary to resist or increase active movement.

Tunnels - Whether you are looking for a straight crawl tunnel, curved tunnel or something that enhances your nature-inspired theme, we have several tunnel options to choose from for your commercial playground.

Commercial Playgrounds for Parks, Schools, Daycares, Churches, and More

Park Playgrounds

Commercial playgrounds in parks, neighborhoods and urban settings bring the community together through play, recreation, outdoor activity and exercise. Landscape Structures designs park playgrounds that engage all generations in healthy, physical activity and that honor the history or culture of a place with groundbreaking and custom designs that draw visitors from all parts of the community. With water play, commercial shade structures and site furnishings, Landscape Structures is uniquely equipped to design your one-of-a-kind gathering spot. 

MS-Little-Angels-Daycare-84.jpgSchool Playgrounds

School playgrounds play a vital role in shaping well-rounded, healthier, and smarter children. Not only do they provide children the opportunity to stretch their muscles after hours of in-classroom brain stimulation, but they also offer an experimental space to explore social, sensory and cognitive development in an unstructured and safe way. Landscape Structures has been designing safe and challenging school playgrounds for over fifty years, and we understand how thoughtful playground design can enhance learning as well as fun. By offering age-appropriate challenges and activities that encompass all facets of whole-child development, Landscape Structures' school playground designs take learning to the next level.

Daycare Playgrounds

Early childhood commercial playgrounds provide more than just physical health benefits; they foster the growth of essential developmental and social skills crucial for children to become effective thinkers, leaders, and collaborators. Landscape Structures provides age-appropriate commercial play equipment for toddlers aged 6-to-23 months, preschoolers aged 2-to-5 years old and school children aged 5-to-12. By meeting or exceeding all safety standards and incorporating appropriate safety surfacing in your playground design, Landscape Structures ensures that daycare playgrounds are a safe place for children to learn, grow and explore their world.

Church Playgrounds

Places of worship and faith-based organizations should radiate a warm and inclusive atmosphere that promotes spiritual and personal growth. Church playgrounds play a pivotal role in nurturing this growth, providing a secure environment for children to bond and play. Landscape Structures is an ideal partner in working together to design the ideal play space for your church community's children.

Inclusive Playgrounds

TX-Ed-Thompson-Inclusive-Park-Inclusion-Matters-6.jpgA well-designed inclusive playground enables all children to develop physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally, regardless of differences in their abilities, and Landscape Structures has long been a leader and innovator in this area. Landscape Structures' playground components like the Sway Fun® Glider or the We-Go-Round® ensure that visitors with mobility devices can be central to the activity, while products for children who need upper body support, such as the OmniSpin® Spinner and rotomolded bucket swing seats are also important. Components offering sensory support, such as the Cozy Dome® or the Roller Table™ are a significant addition, while ramping, transfer stations and bond-in-place safety surfacing provide accessibility to play equipment for visitors using mobility devices.

Indoor Commercial Playgrounds

Indoor commercial playgrounds offer a wealth of benefits for businesses and families alike. They provide a controlled, weather-independent environment for children to engage in active play, promoting physical fitness and development. For businesses, these playgrounds attract and retain customers, making them family-friendly destinations. Indoor playgrounds enhance safety, offer opportunities for social interaction, and can be customized to suit various age groups and themes, making them a valuable asset for entertainment centers, malls, and restaurants. 

How Much Does a Playground Cost?

The cost of designing and installing a commercial playground will vary significantly based on size, customization and complexity of design. Larger playgrounds with more intricate designs or one-of-a-kind features will naturally require more materials and labor and will therefore come with a higher price tag. But there are numerous ways to design playgrounds that fit a tighter budget, such as exploring pre-configured designs or lower-cost product lines. With those considerations in mind, the design and manufacture of commercial playground equipment can cost anywhere from several thousand to over $500,000. To see examples of playgrounds by price, you can filter Landscape Structures playgrounds by selecting "Product Price Range" here. Also, maintenance and ongoing inspections are essential considerations for long-term costs. Luckily, many organizations are interested in furthering community health and well-being by offering grants and funding to help with the cost of designing and installing a commercial playground.

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Commercial Playground Installation

When it comes to installing your playground, you have options to choose from. You can engage volunteers under the supervision of a professional installer. This "community build" option not only adds excitement but also fosters a sense of pride and ownership in the new play area. Alternatively, a professional crew can handle the installation for you, and your local playground consultant has a network of trusted installation professionals available. 

The timeline for installation is going to vary depending on the size of the playground, site preparation needed, and any finishing elements required. Site preparation can be the longest part of the install process, requiring clearing, leveling of the space and anchoring, and can take months. Once ground is broken, installation of the playground equipment can be complete from days to weeks, depending on size and complexity. Once playground equipment is in the ground, you can expect the installation of site surfacing, finishing elements like fencing, landscaping or site amenities, and this final phase can take weeks to months to complete.

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