Slides for Playgrounds

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Benefits of Playground Slides and Gliders

Three children slide down the Cloudburst playground equipment slide, which is a three-bed polyethylene colorful multi-user slideSlides are a staple of any commercial playground. While kids see them as fun, slides also help integrate multiple developmental skills and senses. Before a child reaches the slide, there are stairs to climb, building coordination, balance and strength in arms and legs. Sliding also creates increased vestibular involvement and an awareness of how their bodies move through space and against gravity. Sliding sharpens proprioception, too, improving an awareness of body position and the amount of force needed for an activity.

Additionally, playground slides introduce a great opportunity for children to learn important social skills like sharing and taking turns. Waiting in line develops patience and self-regulation skills, and it can also initiate understanding and compassion for the skills and physical abilities of other kids.

Types of Playground Slides

Polyethylene Slides A boy emerges from a long tunnel slide, which is a popular slide for playgrounds, at the Peachtree Town Green playgroundare made from durable, weather-resistant rotationally-molded polyethylene and come in a variety of styles for all sorts of thrilling slide sensations. Twists, waves, curves, luge-style - the flexibility of polyethylene allows for many imaginative slide configurations. These slides are smooth and come in numerous color options, making them comfortable and eye-catching for kids. Polyethylene slides come with handrails or hoods at the top for safe entry onto the slide bedway.

Double or Triple Slides can be made from polyethylene or stainless steel, and encourage collaboration and friendly competition between kids with the option of simultaneous sliding. While traditional sliding is a one-at-a-time activity, side-by-side slides with multiple beds are a fun way to pair with friends or help the line move faster during popular sliding times.Two girls slide down a stainless steel double playground equipment slide

Stainless Steel Slides are a sturdy, long lasting alternative to polyethylene that come in spiral, wave or straight options. Because they reduce the static that is produced through the friction of sliding, they are ideal for children with cochlear implants as there is no static to interrupt the device's function.

Rollerslides bring a unique, sensory experience to sliding as children slide down a bed of "rolling" cylinders. Roller slides are a more inclusive sliding option for children of all abilities because of their novel sensory element and more controlled movement. Our Roller Slide is wide enough for multiple children to slide, or for caregivers to slide alongside kids.

Tunnel Slides provide the extra thrill of sliding through darkness to re-emerge into the light! Made of sturdy polyethylene, they are a colorful, sensory alternative to a traditional, open slide.

Girl grips a commercial playground firepole that is a component of a larger playground structureFirepoles provide a different type of sliding motion and work an alternative set of muscles than a traditional slide. Children strengthen their upper bodies by gripping the firepole in order to control the fun sensation of sliding down to the ground. Firepoles are typically made of sturdy steel with handhold features that allow easy access on and off the pole from the deck.

Gliders, such as the Ribbon Slide and Hang Glider® are a novel take on the traditional slide design. Children sit atop the two parallel steel rods and slide down, using their legs to balance and control the sliding movement. These unique playground elements allow kids to experience the sliding sensation while also encouraging coordination, balance and strength. 

Boy slides down a commercial playground glider, which is a type of slide for playgrounds, that uses two steel rods instead of a typical slide bedFreestanding Slides are a great way to upgrade an existing playground or add to your playground design! Made to last through harsh weather, vandalism and heavy use, standalone slides are a valuable playground element that kids will adore. While most of our slides are designed to be components of a continuous play structure, freestanding elements offer more creative options for commercial playground design.

Custom Slides bring your imagination to life! We've created life-like hollow log slides for nature-inspired playgrounds, glass slipper slides for a Wizard of Oz playground, and more creative playground slide designs, usually from sturdy and easily customized GFRC. If there's a special slide you have in mind, we can bring it to life!


Playground Slide Material

Slides are available in several durable, weather-resistant material types. The type of material can impact the shape, color and cost of a commercial playground slide.

Polyethylene - The majority of our slides are constructed with heavy duty,A custom GFRC (glass-fiber-reinforced concrete) playground slide that is designed to appear like a hollow log rotationally molded polyethylene, which is a versatile material that can seamlessly and smoothly make the twists, waves and turns of a fun playground slide. Polyethylene is durable and weather-proof, resistant to cracking and peeling, and provides a smooth sliding surface that may be more heat resistant than metal options. Polyethylene comes in many colors, which can increase the aesthetic and style choices on any playground. 

Stainless Steel - Stainless steel slides are an extremely durable, classic choice for a playground slide, and will last for decades with little maintenance. The material reduces friction when sliding, which is safer for children with cochlear implants, making stainless steel a more inclusive choice for a commercial playground. The smooth surface has no seams, which can make the sliding experience comfortable, and the shiny look of steel is a stylish choice for your playground aesthetic.

GFRC - Many of our sculptural custom playground slides are constructed from glass-fiber-reinforced concrete, which is a durable but moldable material that showcases highly refined surface details. Hollow log designs have life-like bark and glass slipper slides have shimmery sequins. 

Galvanized Steel - Gliders are made of durable galvanized steel rods that come with a selection of ProShield® finish colors, which are specifically designed to withstand the demands of extreme heat, harsh climates, moisture and UV exposure. ProShield finish combines a specially formulated primer with a high-quality, architectural-grade, Super-Durable TGIC polyester powdercoat. This ensures vibrant long-lasting color, a glossier finish, fewer chips and less maintenance. 

Adding or Replacing Playground Slides

Children play on a twisty freestanding commercial slide for playgroundsFreestanding playground slides add extra fun to your play area, encouraging children to be active. Whether you're designing a playground for a community park, elementary school or other organization, we offer commercial playground slides and gliders perfect for your specific play environment.

If you are looking to update or replace a slide that connects to a playground structure, we also have a large selection of playground components to choose from. A retrofit allows you to pick and choose which parts to update and replace to give your playground an entirely new look and feel for minimal cost.

If the slide connected to a playground needs replacement, it must be replaced by the original manufacturer to ensure the safest fit and proper connections. If you aren’t sure of the original manufacturer, check for a company name or safety label on the side of the slide or connecting post toppers.

What is the Cost of Playground Slides?

The cost of commercial playground slides can vary depending on several factors. The first consideration is the type and size of the slide. Straight slides are usually more budget-friendly, while spiral, tube or double slides will be higher priced due to their added complexity and design. Additionally, the slide's height and material play a significant role in determining the cost. Stainless steel slides, known for their durability, might have a higher upfront cost than polyethylene but require less maintenance over time. Customization to your slide will add to the cost as well, given the additional design requirements needed. The majority of our playground slides fall within the $5,000 to $10,000 range, while some slides will be higher or lower.

Why Choose our Commercial Playground Slides?

Two girls slide down a Rollerslide, which is an inclusive sensory alternative to traditional playground slidesOur manufacturing process and expert team of designers and engineers are committed to creating innovative products that are unrivaled in the industry.

Our playground slides and gliders provide a way for kids to get all the excitement and challenge they want and need, with the necessary design details that keep kids safe. We carefully craft each playground element to ensure safety, ease of use, and durability.

Our innovative slides, for example, have intuitively placed, built-in hand bars for children to transition into a safe, seated position at the top of the slide. The slide hoods also help kids slide smart and stay safe. An innovative product exclusive to Landscape Structures is our Rollerslide, which brings a cool, tactile sensory experience to a playground, and an inclusive play experience to kids of all abilities.