Playground Slides

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Benefits of Playground Slides and Gliders

Slides are a staple of any commercial playground. While kids see them as fun, slides also help integrate multiple developmental skills and senses. Before a child reaches the slide, there are stairs to climb, building coordination, balance and strength in arms and legs. Sliding also creates increased vestibular involvement and an awareness of how their bodies move through space and against gravity. Sliding sharpens proprioception, too, improving an awareness of body position and the amount of force needed for an activity.

Additionally, playground slides introduce a great opportunity for children to learn important social skills like sharing and taking turns. Waiting in line develops patience and self-regulation skills, and it can also initiate understanding and compassion for the skills and physical abilities of other kids.

Adding or Replacing Playground Slides

Freestanding playground slides add extra fun to your play area, encouraging children to be active. Whether you're designing a playground for a community park, elementary school or other organization, we offer commercial playground slides and gliders perfect for your specific play environment.

If you are looking to update or replace a slide that connects to a playground structure, we also have a large selection of playground components to choose from. A retrofit allows you to pick and choose which parts to update and replace to give your playground an entirely new look and feel for minimal cost.

If the slide connected to a playground needs replacement, it must be replaced by the original manufacturer to ensure the safest fit and proper connections. If you aren’t sure of the original manufacturer, check for a company name or safety label on the side of the slide or connecting post toppers.

Why Choose our Commercial Playground Slides?

Our manufacturing process and expert team of designers and engineers are committed to creating innovative products that are unrivaled in the industry.

Our playground slides and gliders provide a way for kids to get all the excitement and challenge they want and need, with the necessary design details that keep kids safe. We carefully craft each playground element to ensure safety, ease of use, and durability.

Our innovative slides, for example, have intuitively placed, built-in hand bars for children to transition into a safe, seated position at the top of the slide. The slide hoods also help kids slide smart and stay safe. An innovative product exclusive to Landscape Structures is our Rollerslide, which brings a cool, tactile sensory experience to a playground, and an inclusive play experience to kids of all abilities.