Our Materials

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In addition to our various materials, we offer over 50 distinct color palettes and hundreds of playground color combinations. Inspired by nature, science, art and everything in between to make your playground stand apart from the others. Read about all of our materials below, then learn how you can choose colors for those materials and why we think the color of your playground is so important.

Anodized Aluminum

Anodized AluminumAnodized aluminum creates cool, kid-friendly climbs. The panels on our Mobius® climbers are made of recycled, textured, anodized aluminum. This rust-free surface refracts sunlight for a comfortable climb all summer long and is virtually maintenance free. And it's grippy, so it helps kids maneuver safely through their loopiest climbs. Panels in cool silver; steel supports in any ProShield® color.



Concrete We use Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) and wet-cast concrete to create specific concrete products. We spray GFRC into molds to create larger scale panels with intricate surface detail. GFRC can also be hand-sculpted onto steel frames, which we use to create more sculptural elements like 3D figures, animals and highly customized designs. We use wet-cast concrete to mold solid objects with precise detail.


SkyWays® and CoolToppers® Fabric

SkyWays-ShadeColors_530x.jpgSkyWays® and CoolToppers® are designed to protect kids from up to 90 percent of the sun's UV rays and keep playground temperatures up to 30 degrees cooler. It's also flame retardant and resistant to mildew, fading and ultraviolet rays, making it a long-lasting, great looking addition to your playground.

Galvanized Steel

Galvanized SteelWe use galvanized steel for maximum durability. All galvanized steel parts are ProShield® finished for optimum corrosion resistance, UV stability and gloss retention.



GripXGripX is a UV stabilized HDPE (high-density polyethylene), marine-grade material. Specially designed slip resistant texture enhances traction and appearance. Easy to clean and endures harsh climate conditions.


Hot Dip Galvanized Steel

Hot Dip Galvanized SteelBy completely dipping steel into a bath of molten zinc, the zinc reacts with the steel to form a series of multiple layers. These intermetallic layers make it highly resistant to corrosion, while creating a unique look for your playground designs.

LSI Flexx™

LSI Flexx™ is a game-changing steel-reinforced cable netting material that offers kids with a range of abilities a spectrum of play sensations from relaxing to bouncing to climbing. It is made of tightly woven, polyester-wrapped galvanized steel cables that are abrasion-resistant, color-stable, extremely durable and vandal-resistant. LSI Flexx's smooth, low-profile connection nodes are comfortable to crawl across and the cables are an ideal size for kids to grasp while climbing.

Permalene® Material

PermaleneColors2023_1920x V2 (1).jpgPermalene® panels look like new year after year. In 1985, Landscape Structures introduced Permalene material to the marketplace in kid-friendly activity panels. Today, we use this strong 3/4”-thick, customized material for interactive play panels, tables, handholds and signs. The distinctive black core in these panels is the result of combining and recycling colored plastic.

ProGuard™ Finish

ProGuard™ FinishDifference you can see! ProGuard™ is a super-resistant finish applied standard to all Landscape Structures swing chain that’s at least two times more corrosion resistant than galvanized steel chain.


ProShield® Finish

ProShield® FinishProShield® finish is a smart combination of beauty and brawn. Our ProShield finish is so tough, it substantially increases the durability of our products. We’ve combined a specially formulated primer with a high-quality, architectural-grade powdercoat topcoat. The result is enhanced longevity, greater protection against harsh UV rays, prevention from corrosion and improved product performance. You'll first notice the vibrant, long-lasting color and glossier finish. You'll appreciate the fact that something so attractive also reduces corrosion and chipping, requiring less maintenance. It’s available in all the great colors you’ve come to love. And we reclaim our epoxy primer within the process, eliminating waste powder.


Recycled Plastic Lumber

Looks like wood, but are longer lasting and easier to clean. Created from 100% recycled high-density UV-stabilized polyethylene material to prevent warping in direct sun. Thickness of material varies by individual product.

Rotationally-Molded Polyethylene

Rotationally-Molded PolyethyleneThe heavy-duty rotationally molded polyethylene material ensures strength and durability while resisting cracking, fading and peeling. Components constructed of durable double-walled polyethylene have built-in safety and are easy to install.

Steel-Reinforced Climbing Cables

Cable-Colors-530x.jpgSteel-reinforced cables provide years of safe, bouncy fun. Made of tightly woven, polyester-wrapped, six-stranded galvanized-steel cable. These abrasion-resistant, color-stable cables are extremely durable and vandal resistant.


SteelX®SteelX® is long-lasting and super-sustainable. Built to stand up to extreme demands, vandal-resistant SteelX offers a heavy-duty option for playgrounds everywhere. SteelX is made of 14-gauge steel, pieces are laser-cut, then galvanized and given a ProShield® finish to provide protection against weather, corrosion and fire. Used for rugged panels, roofs and play components.

TenderTuff™ Coating

TenderTuff™ CoatingFor swing chains, handholds, pipe barriers, wheels, rings, etc. Available in Red, Tan, Blue, Brown and Gray. Insulates against temperature extremes and provides a safer grip surface compared to painted metal. TenderTuff™ meets all safety standards and complies with Public Law No. 110-314, Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008.

Textured-Polyester Resin Handgrips and Footholds

Textured-Polyester Resin Handgrips and FootholdsDurable, easy-to-grasp handgrips and footholds made of low-density, UV-stable polyester resin. Large enough to ensure secure grips, feels just like the climbing gym.