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Colorful playgrounds just shout “fun.”

We offer over 60 distinct color palettes and hundreds of playground color combinations that come together perfectly to match your play personality. Inspired by nature, science, art and everything in between to make your playground stand apart from the others. Every color meets our rigorous standards for fade-resistance, gloss retention and durability. So it’s color you can count on.


Landscape Structures offers RECYCLED Permalene panels for your playstructures. The distinctive black core results from combining and recycling colored plastic household containers--waste that would otherwise end up in landfills. These panels offer a post-consumer recycled content of 73 percent. Architectural-grade pigments provide longest-lasting, UV-stable, vibrant color that won’t chip, fade or flake. 100% recyclable.


ProShield® Finish

Specifically designed to withstand the demands of extreme heat, harsh climates, moisture and UV exposure. ProShield finish combines a specially formulated primer with a high-quality, architectural-grade, Super-Durable TGIC polyester powdercoat. This ensures vibrant long-lasting color, a glossier finish, fewer chips and less maintenance. No lead-based paints.

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Polycarbonate Panels

Translucent polycarbonate panels provides visibility into structure as well as light and color play.



For slides, tunnels, roofs, etc. Available in 14 colors, and custom colors for an additional charge. Architectural-grade pigments contain no heavy metals and provide longest-lasting, UV-stable, vibrant colors. 100% recyclable.

*Denim, Seafoam, Leaf, Limon, Slate, Brick, Tangerine, Buttercup, Granite and Acorn are color blends.

Shade Flame-Retardant Fabric

SkyWays® and CoolToppers® shade products are designed to protect kids from up to 90 percent of the sun's UV rays and keep playground temperatures up to 30 degrees cooler. It's also resistant to mildew, fading and ultraviolet rays, making it a long-lasting, great looking addition to your playground. Our fabrics are stringently tested and conform to FR standards worldwide.


Steel Decks

The heaviest steel decks for long-lasting safety. All Landscape Structures decks are formed from 12-gauge (.105") steel-the thickest in the industry. They're flange formed to create safe, rounded corners, and reinforced with .105" x 2" ribs welded on cross for superior strength and a consistently flat surface. Decks are flush mounted to the outside of posts, creating more play space and reducing awkward spaces where toes or hands could get caught. They're perforated with 5/16"-diameter holes that provide drainage but won't trap small fingers, and they're TenderTuff™-coated for a comfortable play space year-round.

Steel Decks

Steel-Reinforced Cables

Made of tightly woven, polyester-wrapped, six-stranded galvanized-steel. These abrasion-resistant, color-stable cables are extremely durable and vandal resistant. Available in tan, black or red.


Nature-Inspired Climbers

Our nature-inspired climbers blend the adventure and wonder of nature with the look and feel of real rock, and offer the durability, safety and low maintenance you demand in a high-quality playstructure. All nature-inspired climbers are available in a hand-painted, natural stone color that has slight variations to look more like real rock. It's UV-stable, and the weathered finish is fade-resistant. No toxic-acid stains.

Nature-Inspired Climbers

Mobius® Climbers

The panels on our Mobius climbers are made of recycled, anodized aluminum and are available in cool silver only (support posts available in any ProShield® color). This rust-free surface refracts sunlight for a comfortable climb all summer long and is virtually maintenance free. And it's grippy, so it helps kids maneuver safely through their loopiest climbs.

Mobius® Climbers

TenderTuff™ Coating

For swing chains, handholds, pipe barriers, wheels, rings, etc. Available in Red, Tan, Blue, Brown and Gray. Insulates against temperature extremes and provides a safer grip surface compared to painted metal. TenderTuff meets all safety standards and complies with Public Law No. 110-314, Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008.

TenderTuff™ Coating

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