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Beveled S-Clamp

Beveled S-Clamp

A new angle on safety. Our beveled S-clamps feature the gripping power of a standard S-clamp, but with an added safety feature. Beveled ends provide a tight, refined look, and minimize edge reveal so climbing, bouncing and swinging are more comfortable than ever.

Cast-Aluminum Ball Connectors

Our two-piece cast-aluminum ball connectors house an innovative and versatile ball-and-socket clamping system designed specially for the Evos® and Weevos® playsystems. They provide a minimum of 6,500 pounds of clamping strength to hold each solid-steel ball and 2-3/8" - steel supporting arch in place at any angle. This allows customized placement of play components throughout the Evos and Weevos sphere.

Electropolish Finish

Innovative polished stainless steel adds a modern design flare and enhanced protection against corrosion in coastal environments. This bright, smooth polish provides a uniform luster with excellent light reflection and depth of clarity.

Flush-Fit Engineering

Flush-Fit EngineeringFlush-fit engineering ensures safe, imaginative play. PlayBooster® enclosures measure at least 38" from the top of the deck to the top of the panel, meeting CPSC and ASTM barrier requirements. And all of our PlayBooster enclosures attach outside of decks to eliminate foot entrapments and to maximize the playspace. That means healthier (and safer!) communities.

GeoPlex® Clamps

GeoPlex ClampsOur patent-pending, low-profile stainless steel locking clamp features 360 degrees of compression for a secure fit to posts. Clamps feature a ProShield® finish to match the post color. 


HandgripsHandgrips help kids safely climb at every possible angle. All Mobius® climbers feature specially designed handgrips that mimic the performance and feel like those on professional climbing walls. Attached by two bolts, they stay tightly in place, reducing maintenance and providing gap-free safety for clothing and skin. And they offer a superior grip that everyone can count on, whether kids are climbing up, down or sideways.

Hardware Packs


Netplex® Clamps

NetPlex ClampThis clamping system provides a unique and flexible attachment for cable connections. Clamps feature a ProShield finish in a complementary color. U.S. Patent No. 9,375,609


Play It Safe! Plates

PlaySafePlate-240.jpgEnsuring age-appropriate play is critical to playground safety. And since warning labels can be removed or fade over time, we've developed aluminum plates printed with DigiFuse® technology to attach to our playground systems and freestanding play elements. The permanent plates ensure important information is available, readable and visually appealing over the long term. Available in English, French or Spanish.

PlayBooster® Posts and Clamps

PlayBooster® Posts and ClampsRecycled and recyclable: heavy-duty aluminum and galvanized steel. PlayBooster posts and clamps set the gold standard for quality and durability. This original round post-and-clamp system features 5"-diameter posts made from galvanized steel or recycled aluminum. Press fit post caps provide a tight, secure fit while keeping water from entering posts and improving the overall post aesthetic. Bottom caps increase footing area, preventing the post from sinking or settling during installation. Our aluminum die-cast half-clamp features 360 degrees of compression for a more secure fit to posts. An aluminum drive rivet adds shear strength for load-bearing clamps. Posts and clamps feature a ProShield® finish for optimum UV stability, gloss retention and a rugged, long-lasting finish. Made to last for decades for true sustainability.


PlayShaper® Posts

Extruded, recycled aluminum gets PlayShaper started right. PlayShaper posts are big on benefits and sized just right. The posts have factory-installed deck flanges that support decks while the mounting hardware is assembled underneath, so installing your playstructure is a snap. The sturdy, 2-3⁄8"-square extruded-aluminum posts are scaled appropriately for preschoolers and are comfortable for little hands, with specially designed ridges that diffuse heat and cold. And to make PlayShaper a safe place to play, we’ve incorporated a 1" space between posts and tops of panels so clothing won’t get caught. These posts are created from recycled materials and can be recycled at the end of their play days. U.S. Patent No.  D361,631

Rapid Release®

The patented Rapid Release® system features an adjustable mechanism to remove your SkyWays® shade quickly and easily, and then achieve proper tensioning while reinstalling. U.S. Patent No. 10,948,003


RollerslidesRollerslide: exciting for the senses, excellent for the environment. Exclusive to Landscape Structures, our Rollerslide brings a cool, sensory experience to the playground, and an inclusive play experience to kids of all abilities. TenderTuff™-coated rollers, supported by extruded-aluminum side rails and steel rods, roll on highly durable Nylatron® bearings. Wide enough that kids can slide side by side, rollers are angled at 22 degrees to ensure a controlled ride. Plus, the side rails are created with 81% recycled content and are fully recyclable, as are the footers and roller shafts. Nylatron® is a trademark of the Polymer Corporation USA.


Slide Hoods

Slide hoods help kids slide smart and stay safe. Slides are fun when they're used the right way. With intuitively placed, built-in handbars, children transition into a safe, seated position at the top of the slide. The materials used in these durable hoods are completely recyclable.



Sliding Footers

Sliding FootersSliding footers for safe and healthy kids. Sliding footers help ensure slides don't pull away from decks, warp or crack due to normal expansion and contraction. The result: They help eliminate gaps that can potentially entangle children's clothing. Bolting slides directly to the ground may be less expensive, but it's not as safe or long lasting. We are the only playground equipment manufacturer to use sliding footers at the bottom of our slides.


Steel Decks

Steel DecksThe heaviest steel decks for long-lasting safety. All Landscape Structures decks are formed from 12-gauge (.105") steel-the thickest in the industry. They're flange formed to create safe, rounded corners, and reinforced with .105" x 2" ribs welded on cross for superior strength and a consistently flat surface. Decks are flush mounted to the outside of posts, creating more play space and reducing awkward spaces where toes or hands could get caught. They're perforated with 5/16" -diameter holes that provide drainage but won't trap small fingers, and they're TenderTuff™-coated for a comfortable play space year-round.

Swivel Point

Swivel PointSwivel point connectors are better by every measure. Our Disc Challenge and S-Disc Challenge bridges may seem similar to flexible bridges offered by other manufacturers, but only we use specially engineered swivel point connectors to attach our bridges to the overhead beams. These self-lubricating “universal joints” are stronger, safer and more flexible than lesser-quality clevis pins or S-hooks. Designed to withstand wear and tear, they reduce maintenance time and expense, and allow you to keep the playground fun available year-round.

Tire Swing Hanger

Tire Swing HangerSteel tire swing hangers designed with durability in mind. Made from 100% stainless steel, our hangers utilize Oilite® bushings for a smooth, 360-degree rotation. With no bearings to replace or messy grease to worry about, they’re virtually maintenance free. The swing chains thread directly through the hanger for a cleaner, safer connection. Hangs 9" below the beam for added safety. Oilite® is a registered trademark of Beemer Precision, Inc.


Torsion-Powered Spring Mechanism

 This fully-enclosed mechanism maintains the proper balance of bouncy fun and controlled motion. Limited forward-and-back motion is appropriate for younger preschoolers. Available on our seesaws.


Track Ride Trolley

Track Ride TrolleyTrack Ride trolley: ultra-smooth ride, ultra-long lasting. Durable overhead track rides should never jolt or stop mid-glide. We built our trolley so kids can glide seamlessly along the track without interruption. It consists of four polyurethane roller skate wheels with ball bearings, a high-density polyurethane guide block and an easy-grip handle that features TenderTuff™ coating. It’s fully enclosed, with no exposed moving parts, so fingers can’t get pinched. And our special safety bumpers at each end of the rise ensure safe landings for everyone.

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