Playground Building Blocks

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Planning your play environment is like using building blocks to create your own unique play experience. Landscape Structures offers a wide array of commercial playground components designed to inspire play and ignite children's imaginations. From towering slides and thrilling climbers to challenging overhead events and dynamic swings, our playground components provide endless opportunities for physical activity and adventure. Click “Browse” to view the hundreds of commercial playground components available, and apply filters to narrow your search as needed.

By selecting the blocks below you can learn about the benefits of each type of playground component individually. From why children enjoy sliding to what developmental benefits are gained through climbing, we offer in-depth information on the what, why and how of each category of playground feature.

Looking for inclusive options? We believe play should be fostered in children of all abilities so we specialize in inclusive play equipment. Explore our section on ramps below for details on how to make playgrounds accessible to users of mobility devices. Or, select any one of the play component categories to find accessible options for children of all abilities – sensory panels for those with alternative sensory needs, and adaptive options for those with unique mobility requirements.

Using the most durable of materials, and innovative designs, Landscape Structures' playground components create vibrant and engaging play environments that foster physical, cognitive, and social development in children of all ages and abilities. Explore below!