Playground Panels and Enclosures

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Adding play value while keeping your playground safe

Playground panels increase the safety of a playground while also adding play activities. We offer playground play panels inspired by nature, science, art and everything in between to make your playground stand apart from the others.

Benefits of Playground Panels

Playground panels and enclosures increase a play area’s value by creating purposeful places that facilitate social engagement, increase brain development and keep kids safe while playing. Our playground walls are not only sturdy and safe but filled with interactive activities that encourage children of all ages and abilities to play side-by-side.

  • Multisensory experience: Through interesting playground learning panels or walls you can create a private spot for children to explore and experience interactive and multisensory fun.
  • Imaginative play: Playground enclosures encourage kids to invent scenarios from their imagination that enable them to build life skills and foster creative thinking.
  • Safety: Playground panels and barriers allow kids to have fun on the playground while keeping them safe. Panels like our balcony deck or bubble panel can give children a clear view and new perspective of the world while keeping them safe from heights.


Adding Play Panels to Create Enclosures

You can combine playground enclosures together to create playground learning walls and complete your playground design. We offer 46 distinct color palettes and hundreds of playground color combinations.

Because of our precision manufacturing and use of the best materials available, you can rest assured our products are meant to last.

Why Our Play Panels

In 1985, we were the first to introduce Permalene® material to the marketplace to keep commercial playground panels looking new year after year. Today, we use this strong 3/4”-thick, customized material for interactive play panels, tables, handholds and signs. Permalene playground panels are available in 16 different color options with a distinctive black core that is the result of combining and recycling colored plastic.

Choose our DigiFuse® Panels to add personality to your playstructures. DigiFuse provides vivid, full-color, photo-realistic graphics with long-lasting durability on aluminum for the optimal combination of beauty and strength. These panels provide a custom look for your playground with beautiful and durable graphics. DigiFuse panels offer a variety of standard graphic designs on the front and back of the panel or can be customized to match any theme or design.