Playground and Play Structures

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Choosing a Play Structure

You can jumpstart your playground with the right foundation to ensure the right combination of play equipment that delivers all the developmental benefits of play. Start by choosing one of our many options for play systems and add the components you desire to create the playground of your dreams

Our configurable play systems include our traditional playgrounds with post and decks that can combine exciting ground-level components with climbers, slides and overhead events.

PlayBooster also offers Netplex®, a hub of multi-leveled webbed nets. Start with the 7-Post or 14-Post Netplex® mainstructure, add a Skyport or Disc Net Climber and then your favorite components. Or create a double-decker PlayOdyssey® Tower.

Our modern arched playground with no prescribed entry points or exit offers 100 percent ground-level accessibly play. To create an Evos or Weevos playground, always start with a 2-, 3- or 4-Arch mainstructure and then add components to complete your design.

Smart-Play-Centre-350.jpgFor playgrounds that are already designed, we offer preconfigured play systems including Smart Play® and PlaySense® playstructures for all ages.

Freestanding playground elements that are not connected to a playground can be added to any design to create a recreation space that invites your entire community to be active and play.

Benefits of Play Structures

Playgrounds provide the context and opportunity for children to practice key developmental skills, including cognitive, emotional, physical and social. Commercial play structures are a one-stop shop for multisensory play experiences and various motor skill and physical challenges that help build the brain more quickly. Playgrounds that offer exciting and challenging play activities entice children to actively participate and fully reap the benefits of play.

Whether the goal of your main play structure is height and visual appeal or challenge and thrill, we can work with you to choose a commercial playground set that meets your needs, uses the available play area, and offers something for all visitors. 

Refresh or Replacing Commercial Playground Sets

If you already have a play structure but want to refresh or update your playground, our playground consultants can help you integrate new playground components like climbers, overhead elements or spinners to give your playground a new look and feel. If space and surfacing allows, you can update playground slides or bridges and ramps, for example, and make a big impact by changing-up the play experience for a minimal cost.

To replace any of these play elements connected to a play structure, including a tunnel or slide, it must be replaced by the original manufacturer to ensure the safest fit and proper connections. If you aren’t sure of the original manufacturer, check for a company name or safety label on the side of the slide or connecting post toppers.

Why Choose our Playground Sets?

Children playing on Volo playstructureCreating continuous play with playground structures is what our company was founded on nearly 50 years ago. We pioneered a new way for children to interact and play through connected components vs. the old stand-alone swing sets, slides, and merry-go-rounds. We were different from the beginning and we’re still chasing innovation, constantly working to improve the way our playgrounds are designed and built.

Design innovation has been the heart of who we are from day one and today we offer the widest range of park and playground equipment that promote healthy lifestyles, encourage skill-building, and create unique outdoor experiences. Our playground components are crafted to meet the physical, social and cognitive needs of different age groups and are made to deliver the ultimate play value, durability and safety.

We have the minds, materials and magic to create a custom, uniquely themed playground for you. We are the only manufacturer to employ a full-time staff of custom designers and artists who will collaborate with you every step of the way.