EvosĀ® Playgrounds

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Modern Playground Design for Ages 5 to 12

Evos® commercial play structures are not only innovative because of their modern, arched shape. They are an evolution of play because they have no prescribed entry points, and their cable net features. Kids can flex their mental as well as physical muscles as they play in an unscripted fashion on these novel playground designs. 

Evos play structures offer appropriate challenge and fun for 5- to 12-year-olds. With more than 1,500 Evos play structures located throughout the world, Evos attracts kids to the great outdoors with its unique play experiences.

With appropriate surfacing, all Evos play components are 100 percent ground-level accessible. This makes them easy for kids of all abilities to join in the fun. The springy climbing cable stretches the imagination while building upper-body and core strength. Net play has a particular attraction to school-aged kids because of its flexibility and unique challenge.

Looking to develop your playground in phases? More than 30 components in the Evos product line means you can create endless configurations, and phase in your playground design gradually.

What's more, Evos play structures have a 30-percent reduced carbon footprint compared to traditional play structures, which makes them a more sustainable option for the environmentally-minded.

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Evos Playgrounds