Playground Climbers

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Benefits of Playground Climbers

Children have an innate desire to climb and playground elements like climbing walls and ladders have been fundamental fixtures on playgrounds for decades. Now, innovative elements like climbing towers, Mobius® Climbers and Aeronet® rope climbers offer more playground design options with the same appeal and benefits for children.

When children climb, they engage and exercise large arm, leg and back muscles that build upper-body, lower-body, and core strength. Climbing can also increase heart rate and improve cardiovascular health, agility, balance and hand-eye coordination. As children work to figure out how to physically navigate a piece of equipment, especially one that is new to them, they also develop their problem-solving skills.

Furthermore, climbing contributes to the benefits of sensory play by stimulating the tactile, proprioception, vestibular, and visual senses. Each system learns about textures and the muscle activation needed to pull against gravity and integrates with what the child sees while climbing. This allows kids to effectively relate to objects and navigate in the world.

Why Our Climbers?

Our playground climbers feature durable materials and thoughtful designs that allow for enriching play experiences that are also safe. We use vandal-resistant, steel-reinforced climbing cable wrapped with polyester yarn instead of nylon that can rub skin the wrong way. Polyester is easy on little hands, UV-stable and won't fray. It's all part of our commitment to quality and innovation, and a tradition of never cutting corners or settling for less.

Our manufacturing process and expert team of designers and engineers are committed to creating innovative commercial playground products unrivaled in the industry. The innovative handgrips on our climbers help kids safely climb at every possible angle. All Mobius® climbers feature specially designed handgrips that mimic the performance and feel of those found on professional climbing walls. Attached by two bolts, our handgrips stay tightly in place, reducing maintenance and providing gap-free safety for clothing and skin. And they offer a superior grip that everyone can count on, whether kids are climbing up, down or sideways. 

Adding or Replacing Playground Climbers

We offer many different climbing options for all age-ranges and abilities that build strength and hone cognitive and motor skills while encouraging persistence as children work to reach a goal.

Climbers can revitalize and re-energize your current playground and create a playground design that's completely unique. We offer a variety of different commercial playground climbers that enable diverse play experiences and add personality to your play area – from uniquely configured climbing nets and walls to nature-inspired play components.

Be sure to follow the maintenance plan provided by the manufacturer for the appropriate frequency of inspections. If through these routine inspections you notice a climber needs to be repaired or replaced, contact the manufacturer’s local playground consultant.

Freestanding Play Climbers

Freestanding climbers can be replaced with any of our innovative playground climbers. If the climber connected to a playground needs to be replaced, it must be replaced by the original manufacturer to ensure the safest fit and proper connections.

If you aren’t sure of the original manufacturer, check for a company name or safety label on the post, slide, welcome sign or post toppers.