Aeronet® Climbers

Up and down, all day long!

Net climbing is all the rage. With a uniquely responsive bounce, commercial net play structures work muscles and parts of kids' brains that other playground components don't. They are a lesson in cause-and-effect, as putting pressure in one area of the net causes movement in another. Navigating a cable net climbing structure requires problem solving in its own, unique way.

Aeronet® Climbers for ages 5 to 12 bring bouncy, interactive climbing fun to any playground. Their unique, futuristic look helps to create a playground design that's completely new!

Constructed of high strength, steel-reinforced cable, these cargo-like net playground climbers vary in sizes that can hold from 5 to 80 kids.

With its sleek, arched design, the Eclipse® Net Climber lets kids decide the rules of the game. Where's the start and where's the end? It can change every time, based on the climber's imagination. The Lunar Blast® and Lunar Burst® climbers offer the same freedom, but in a pyramidal climbing shape.

View all three of these fun, challenging net play structures below!