Commercial Playground Climbers

Commercial playground climbers are unique, freestanding play structures that develop physical strength, flexibility and coordination.

We offer a range of space-effective commercial playground climbers adaptable to your play area's unique size constraints. Landscape Structures provides a variety of different, challenging climbers for ages 2 to 5 and 5 to 12 that offer diverse play experiences and add personality to your play area - from uniquely configured climbing nets and walls to nature-inspired play components.

Freestanding climbers are an ideal way to challenge the whole body, including the brain, as they offer opportunities for problem solving and strategic thinking. There are endless ways to conquer a climbing structure and kids appreciate the open-ended possibilities involved.

Safe, durable construction is the top priority when it comes to designing commercial playground climbers ideal for kids of all ages. Our freestanding playground climbers feature durable materials and thoughtful designs that allow for enriching play experiences that are also safe and sure to last for years.