Pod Climbers

Step up to join the playground fun!

Perfect for a game of "Floor is Lava" these pod climbers allow kids to traverse the playground without touching the ground! 

Available in heights from 8" to 30" off the ground, you can create a low bridge for children to step across using several 8" pods in a row, or you can build a stair step up to a play deck by placing increasingly high pods next to each other.

Scatter the pods in a nonlinear pattern to offer kids a challenge, jumping from one to the next, as they try to make it from one side to the other -- sometimes crossing the path with friends, which provides an additional balance and coordination challenge. 

Select from a variety of colors, bright or neutral, to fit the palette of your play space.

The pods are perfect for children of all ages, and their flexibility of use makes them ideal options for a playground bridge, path or stair step.