More Climbers

Climb on!

Kids can't get enough of climbing, and we have a climber for every kid! From s-shaped climbers, to wall climbers to ladders to rope structures... climbers come in all shapes, sizes and materials.

Preschoolers will flock to the Wee Planet™ Climber, which is sized just right for them. It's a great, safe introduction to climbing for little ones.

Cascade Climbers and GeoPlex® are a unique take on vertical climbing walls with hand and foot holes in place of grips. Metal structures like the Sky Rail Climber and the Humpty Climber are a twist on classic jungle gyms where kids can climb up, down, and around in creative ways.

Kids love the flexible challenge that cable ropes provide from climbing net-based structures like the Hemisphere Climber® and the Star Seeker Climber.

Whatever version of climb children are seeking, they can find it in our options below. Click the links to explore.