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Block Climber

Model #117966


The freestanding Block Climbers teach kids about balance and spatial relationships while they play. Nine-block configuration for kids ages 2 to 5. Other configurations for kids ages 5 to 12.



  • Available in 9-block, 12-block or 16-block configurations
  • Firmly bolt together in fun clusters
  • Spaces beneath the blocks provide a new perspective

Developmental Benefits

  • Sensory
  • Proprioception, Tactile, Vestibular
  • Motor Skills
  • Agility, Balance, Coordination, Core Body Strength, Flexibility, Lower Body Strength, Motor Planning, Upper Body Strength
  • Cognitive Skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Social/Emotional Skills
  • Cooperation, Imaginative Play, Social Skill Development
  • Learn about Developmental Benefits

Component Details

  • Age Ranges

    • 5 to 12 years
  • Product Categories

  • Shipping Weight

  • 251 lbs
  • Design Standards

  • Dimensions

    • Max Fall Height: 40" (1,02 m) for 16 Blocks; 32" (0,81 m) for 12 Blocks; 24" (0,61 m) for 9 Blocks
    • Min Area Required: 18' x 18' (5,49 m x 5,49 m) for 16 Blocks; 17' x 17' (5,18 m x 5,18 m) for 12 Blocks; 16' x 16' (4,88 m x 4,88 m) for 9 Blocks
  • Design/CAD Files

  • All About Color

  • Color is an important decision, and our products are available in many color options. Contact your consultant to find the colors available for this component.

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Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

Video features a freestanding play Block Climber made of nine blocks.

[video: fade into a side view of the full block climbers integrated between playground pod steppers for continuous play. Children shout in the background as they play on the playground. Slightly elevated view as a boy steps off the playground onto the three pod steppers and onto the block climber. His shoes squeak as he steps up and across the block climber to the next set up pod steppers. He stops as another boy blocks his way on the pod steppers.]

[video: the two boys maneuver around each other as they climb and step on the Block climber. They both turn and step off the block climber and onto the pod steppers up to the playground deck. A child makes a howling shout in the background.]

[video: camera switches to a close-up of the entire block climber as a boy’s feet can be seen walking up and down the different tiered blocks. The boy’s feet walk around on the blocks then jumps to a pod stepper. Fade to black.]

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