Playground Motion Equipment

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There’s always room for more fun on every playground!

Benefits of Motion Playground Equipment

Spinning, rotating and other forms of motion are core movements that engage our vestibular system, which helps build awareness of how our bodies move through space and against gravity.

When a child spins they receive valuable equilibrium information that connects with inputs from their muscles and joints to help maintain body posture and balance. Spinning and rotating also sharpens proprioception and the awareness of body position and the amount of force needed for an activity.

With motion elements like our seesaws, playground spinners, spring riders and zip lines, children can develop better balance, spatial awareness, depth perception, and an understanding of cause-and-effect. These elements can also encourage children to work together and learn cooperation as they take turns. Even waiting in line develops patience and builds self-regulation skills.

Adding or Updating Spinners, Spring Riders, Seesaws and More

Motion playground equipment increases interest and adds fun and energy to a playground while encouraging kids to keep active and master new skills.

In our whitepaper, Shaped by Play: How Play Types Impact Development, we studied playground interactions and how certain playground equipment facilitates different types of play. The observations and subsequent interviews showed the ZipKrooz® to be an overwhelming favorite that attracts large groups of children who are willing to wait in line to ride the playground zipline. Playground elements like ZipKrooz are unique and offer a greater thrill than school-age children are likely to find anywhere else. This high-level of interest can affect which playgrounds kids and their families choose to visit.

Freestanding commercial playground spinners, spring riders, seesaws or zip lines can be added to any playground design at any time. Adding new freestanding motion elements like a commercial merry-go-round or playground teeter totter brings new life to a playground, boosts appeal, and updates aesthetics. When it’s time for a replacement spinner, our playground consultants can work with you to replace the equipment and find the best motion element for your play area.

Why Choose our Motion Playground Equipment?

Design, for us, is a collaborative and deliberate effort. Our diverse team of architects, drafters, interior designers, graphic designers and industrial designers work together with engineers, advisors, landscape architects and communities to provide the best solution for every product and playground design. This collaboration among the industry’s best and brightest yields innovative products with unparalleled quality that are built to last.

For example, our seesaws contain a torsion-powered spring mechanism that is fully-enclosed and maintains the proper balance of bouncy fun and controlled motion. The limited forward-and-back motion lets younger preschool children safely join the fun and receive the benefits of motion play.

We also built a unique trolley system for our ziplines so kids never jolt or stop mid-glide, but instead glide seamlessly along the track without interruption. Found on our ZipKrooz and Track Ride equipment, our 4-wheel trolley system offers an ultra-smooth ride and is long-lasting with four polyurethane roller skate wheels with ball bearings and a high-density polyurethane guide block. It’s fully enclosed with no exposed moving parts so fingers can’t get pinched, and our special safety bumpers at each end of the ride ensure safe landings for everyone.