Track Ride/Zip Lines

I can fly!

Track Rides have been a favorite on any playground for many years. Now, with ziplines being the fastest growing recreation sport in the world we are excited to bring ziplines to the playground with ZipKrooz® and ZipKrooz Assisted for children of all abilities.

Our track rides have a handle kids can grip to soar from one end of the track to the next. Select from straight or curved options and two different lengths.

ZipKrooz ziplines are a huge hit among kids aged 5 to 12, providing a disc seat as they fly through the air. Our ZipKrooz options come in several different lengths, and you can add as many bays as you want to multiply the fun!

Inclusive ZipKrooz Assisted invites kids of all abilities to feel the exhilaration of the zipline. A molded bucket seat with safety harness provides a supported, fun ride for everyone. Pair with ZipKrooz Additional Bay to ensure a truly inclusive play experience for all kids. 

Explore the options below to find the right track ride or zipline for your playground!