Seesaws, a must have for every playground!

A playground isn't a playground without the classic commercial seesaw. We offer a wide range of options, from traditional two-seat models to creative, themed seesaws such as the Sheep Seesaw, innovative designs like the Stand-Up Seesaw and inclusive designs like the We-Saw™. Our freestanding commercial playground seesaws and teeter-totters from Landscape Structures bring that beloved rocking motion to any play environment.

These teeter-totters are not only thrilling but also foster collaboration, as it takes more than one rider to set them in motion. Children can connect and communicate while enjoying the seesaw experience on any of the available models. To accommodate even more kids at once, consider our multiple-seat options, allowing a greater number of children to enjoy the fun of seesawing together.

Elevate your play area with our diverse selection of commercial playground seesaws, providing an engaging and social play experience for children of all ages and abilities.