Overhead Play Events

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More than just Monkey Bars

Overhead play events for playgrounds, like monkey bars, typically consist of a horizontally mounted overhead ladder that children can grip, hang or swing from and travel from one side to another. They have been a fundamental fixture on playgrounds for years and a child’s favorite playground activity.

Benefits of Overhead Play Events

When children experience overhead events, they are stimulating the tactile, proprioception, vestibular and visual senses. Each system learns about textures, the muscle activation needed to pull against gravity, and integrates with what the child sees while climbing. Climbing also increases arm muscle strength, grip strength, hand/eye coordination and body control.

Adding Overhead Play Events to Your Playground

Today’s overhead play events continue to inspire healthy bodies while offering a new thrill to keep kids engaged and active. Whether you’re looking for playground horizontal bars or something new like overhead spinners, gliders or rings we have multiple options to choose from that are safe and durable. And, since they come in your choice of colors, they can easily integrate with your existing space or coordinate with your design theme. 

Our overhead play events like our Circular Horizontal Ladder or ArcOver Ladder add a new twist to the monkey bars of the past. More overhead play events like our Track Ride and Air Dancer introduce a new skill and add excitement to a playground. With a few design modifications, we can make the most of our overhead event options to stand alone as freestanding monkey bars and other overhead play equipment.

Be sure to follow the maintenance plan provided by the manufacturer for the appropriate frequency of inspections, especially for those with moving parts. If through these routine inspections you notice a part needs to be repaired or replaced, contact the manufacturer’s local playground consultant. 

Why Our Overhead Play Events

Our precision manufacturing process and expert team of designers ensure our products are not only safe and durable but also push the limits of a child’s imagination to increase the benefits of play. So, whether that’s introducing a new design or improving an existing playground element, we will deliver unparalleled quality. 

For example, we built our track ride trolley so kids never jolt or stop mid-glide but glide seamlessly along the track without interruption. Our track ride trolley offers an ultra-smooth ride and is ultra-long lasting with four polyurethane roller skate wheels with ball bearings and a high-density polyurethane guide block. It’s fully enclosed, with no exposed moving parts, so fingers can’t get pinched and our special safety bumpers at each end of the ride ensure safe landings for everyone.

We have also maintained consistently-sized posts, decks, attachments and hardware to allow playground elements to be refreshed, updated and brought up to current codes and safety standards, easily. Choosing our overhead play events now not only means realizing your playground dreams today but maintaining it far into the future as well.

Replacing and Updating Overhead Play Events

Monkey bars or rings can be replaced with any of our innovative overhead events. If the overhead event connected to a playground needs to be replaced, it must be replaced by the original manufacturer to ensure the safest fit and proper connections. If you aren’t sure of the original manufacturer, check for a company name or safety label on the post or post toppers.