Playground Tunnels & Tubes

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Discover a new adventure

Whether you are looking for a straight crawl tunnel, curved tunnel or something that enhances your nature-inspired theme, we have several tunnel options to choose from. We also offer a sensory tunnel to easily add much needed sensory elements to your playground. Our sensory tunnel gives kids of all abilities a sensory-rich experience filled with color, light and texture through a mix of materials.

Benefits of Playground Tunnels

Playground tunnels add excitement and new ways for children to explore and imagine with one another on a playground. Through playful interaction, children turn make-believe ideas into real ones. Playground tubes and tunnels encourage social imaginative interaction when a crawl tunnel becomes a portal to another world or secret passageway to escape monsters.

Outdoor playground tunnels offer physical and emotional benefits, too. The climbing movement and crawling or scooting through a tunnel develops a child’s gross motor skills and teaches them to control their arms and legs. Tunnels can also be used as a quiet place for children to self-regulate their emotions and return to play when they feel ready.

Inclusive Play Through Playground Tunnels

Our sensory tunnel is wide enough for wheelchair and other mobility device users. Kids of all ages and abilities will have the opportunity to develop their senses by encouraging self-led exploration through our play structures.

Why Our Tunnels

We offer the widest range of park and playground equipment to promote healthy lifestyles, encourage skill-building and create unique outdoor experiences. We also perform all our design, engineering and manufacturing in-house, so each step is carefully followed-through under our watchful eye as we inspire, innovate and evolve ideas.

Our goal is that every piece of our playground equipment, every finish and every coating is built to last through this generation of children and on to the next. Tighter manufacturing tolerances, better fasteners, smaller gaps and no-flake finishes mean no pinched fingers, caught clothing or other safety hazards. Because of our precision manufacturing and use of only the best materials, our products have enhanced longevity, greater protection against UV rays, prevention from corrosion and improved product performance, all while requiring less maintenance.

Adding Tunnels to Your Playground

Commercial playground tunnels or tubes can be incorporated into your playground design as either a freestanding component or connected to other playground equipment. We offer a variety of different colors so you can find the perfect tunnel and tubes to complement your playground design theme.

Update or Replace Playground Tunnels and Tubes

If you are looking to update or replace a tunnel that connects to a playground structure, a retrofit allows you to pick and choose which parts to update and replace, giving your playground an entirely new look and feel for minimal cost.

For tunnels connected to a playground, it must be supplied by the original manufacturer to ensure the safest fit and proper connections. If you aren’t sure of the original manufacturer, check for a company name or safety label on the side of the tunnel or connecting post toppers.