Sensory Tunnel

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Sensory Stimulation

Through sensory play, all children discover their world and how to be successful in it. They develop behaviors based upon their senses. The broad play experiences from sensory-rich playgrounds allow children of all abilities to integrate and develop their senses. The more they play, the more they develop skills necessary to engage, change and impact the world around them.

Our Sensory Tunnel gives kids of all abilities a sensory-rich experience filled with color, light and texture through a mix of materials. The tunnels are wide enough for wheelchair users and develop the senses by encouraging self-led exploration.

Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

Video features the PlayBooster playground Sensory Tunnel.

[video: scene fades into a full elevated view of the entire playground with children and families play all around. Scene switches to an elevated pan over the top of the two ZipKrooz bays as children ride down either side. Camera switches to ground level view of the elevated Sensory Play Tunnel.]

Child of camera: Hey wait for me!

[video: Camera switches to the playground decking looking into the Sensory Play Tunnel. A group of children walk through the tunnel looking at the different stare shape cut outs and the light passing through. Scene switches to a view inside the Sensory Tunnel as a boy and girl stand inside.]

Boy off camera: I always get nervous for some reason on that.

Boy 2 off camera: Me too.

[video: scene switches to a close-up of children as they walk through the tunnel with their arms stretched out to the star shaped skylights. Camera pans across the star shape skylights and marble panels inside the Sensory Play Tunnel. Scene fades to black.]

Product Overview

  • Available as custom product only
  • Sensory Tunnel connects to PlayBooster┬« playstructures at equal deck heights
  • Available in your choice of ProShield┬« colors
  • Develops sensory skills including Auditory, Proprioception, Tactile, Visual and Vestibular
  • Great for children of all abilities and ages 5 to 12