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New Products

Our new playground products lead the way in encouraging kids to play outdoors, engaging their imaginations and bringing children of all abilities together to play. Search all of our new playground components.

Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

Video features Landscape Structures all new 2019 products.

[video: girl pushes another young girl in a wheelchair into the We-Go-Round to join her friends. She helps angle the girl and her wheelchair into a spot against the railing where she can sit comfortably in her chair while spinning without the chair moving around.]

[video: kids work to spin together. A young boy in a motorized wheelchair helps another woman in a wheelchair to spin the We-Go-Round from the interior with a spinning-wheel.]

Woman in wheelchair: "Do you need a sun tan? Are we working on that?" [video: young boy in power chair and woman in a manual wheelchair work together to help spin the We-Go-Round from the interior. Everyone works together to spin piece.]

[video: young boy in a motorized wheelchair grasp outer post of spinner and steers his chair around the We-Go-Round to help spin his friends.]

Boy in motorized chair: Let's do this!

Boy 2: Whoa!

[video: woman in wheelchair helps two young kids propel the We-Go-Round from the outside.]

[video: inside view of spinner shows boy in motorized wheel chair manually spinning We-Go-Round from inside while two kids help spin from outside posts.]

Boy in motorized chair: Push, push!

[video: top-down view of spinner shows the kids running around the We-Go-Round. Camera switch to close up of We-Go-Round main center support pole as We-Go-Round spins.]

[video: scene shows the seamless transition from surfacing onto spinner as the boy in a motorized wheelchair moves onto the spinner easily. Kids spin together and the scene fades away.]

[video: fades into young girl walking up to Rhapsody Tongue Drum. Girl grabs mallet and begins to play tongue drum.]

[video: boy stands and watches as young girl plays drum. Scene change to boy playing drum while young girl watches.]

[video: scene change to young boy grabbing mallet and beginning to play Rhapsody Cascata Bells. Boy plays each individual bell then runs his mallet down all bells quickly.]

[video: scene change to group of children and adults playing Rhapsody Vibra Chimes. Close of view of adults and children using their mallets to play their chime. Group plays their chime in inclining scale from lowest to highest. Close up of child putting chime mallet away in its holster.]

[video: scene change to elevated view of entire FitCore Extreme playground with children playing all around. Young boy makes his way up rope climb. Two girls climb down Jump Hang cargo net. Boy climbs up vertical cargo net.]

[video: young boy climbs up rope climber and rings accomplishment bell. Group of girls swing by their arms across the peg bridge. A line of boys wait their turn to go through the Spiderwalk wall. Camera switch to end of spiderwalk as kid after kid make their way through.]

[video: group of kids climb up and over A-Frame cargo net. Girl jumps through over under bar hurdles. Camera switch to panning birds eye view of entire playground.]

[video: line of girls run through High Stepper net. Kids make their way across balance beams with arms stretched out for balance. Young girl makes her way across angled overhead ladder. Elevated zooms out from full view of playground. Fade to black.]

[video: Fade in to young girl spinning on Curva spinner. Close up of standing deck of spinner with LSI logo as it rotates.]

[video: three girls spinning individually on cuva spinners. Group of children using all four spinners while adult woman looks on. Two young girls spin on single spinner.]

[video: while camera sits on spinner deck looking up at three children spinning, laughing, and screaming.]

[video: Camera switches to full view of six children being spun by adult man. Group of Children laugh and scream.]

[video: fade in, group of children giggle and spin on Chill Spinner chairs. Camera switches to base of Chill Spinner and pans upwards to girl sitting in chair being spun by another girl.]

[video: young girl spins young boy in chill spinner. Top down view of Girl spinning in chair has her hair whips around.]

[video: camera switch to boy holding camera facing him as he is spun quickly in his chair.]

Girls spinning chair: Smile Walter, smile! [video: young boy in chair smiles at camera. Fade to black.]

[video: fades in to three children spinning on Curva stainless steel spinner. Children laugh and scream as they pick up speed.]

[video: close up of two boy’s feet on deck of spinner. Top down view of all three kids spinning together on spinner. Fade to black]

[video: fade in to young girl breathing heavily as she spins young boy in Chill Spinner Stainless Steel. Camera zooms in closer.]

[video: young girl sits in spinner chair while older boy spins her quickly. Fade to black.]

[video: scene changes to large group of children climbing and playing on Crab Trap. Camera switches to inside close of up children playing in crab trap.]

[video: close up of girl’s tennis shoes walking across thick folded belting rope.]

[video: Kids play, bounce, and climb around and through structure. Young girl sits atop planks. Kids climb across and around structure.]

[video: boy climbs up side of climber up belted entrance with footholds. Kids play, bounce, and climb around and through structure.]

[video: camera point of view shifts to kid wearing a Go-Pro as they climb to top of Crab Trap climber, then within.]

[video: two girls walk across folded belting rope as they try to balance to stay on it.]

[video: Scene switches to all fifty kids sitting on structure and waving to camera. Scene fades to Landscape Structures Logo.]


Crab Trap™

View Crab Trap

This unique net structure offers a plethora of opportunities for lots of kids to climb, crawl and hang out. Available in ProShield® and Hot Dip Galvanized (HDG) finishes.

View Crab Trap


View We-Go-Round

Kids of all abilities will love sharing a spin with other riders on this fun merry-go-round. Available in painted or HDG finishes with themed or perforated panels.

View We-Go-Round

Welcome musicians of all ages!

View the Rhapsody® Music Collection

Super Netplex®

Explore Super Netplex®

Choose from 4 preconfigured Super Netplex designs that offer lots of climbing, spinning, bouncy fun and places for kids to hang out. A super addition to your playground. Available in 8 ft and 12 ft. towers.

Explore Super Netplex®

Curva® Spinner

View Curva Spinner

Curva® Spinner - Stainless Steel

View Curva Spinner - Stainless Steel

Chill™ Spinner

View Chill Spinner

Chill™ Spinner - Stainless Steel

View Chill Spinner - Stainless Steel

Bring extreme fitness to the great outdoors!

View FitCore™ Extreme