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New Products

Our new playground products lead the way in encouraging kids to play outdoors, engaging their imaginations and bringing children of all abilities together to play. Search all of our new playground components.

Wheelchair Accessible Playground Swing

First No-Transfer Inclusive Swing

View We-Go-Swing™

Introducing a revolutionary swing forward in inclusive play experience and breaking barriers! The We-Go-Swing™ is the first no-transfer inclusive swing that can be integrated into the playground setting and invites kids of all abilities to get in on the fun.

View We-Go-Swing™

Quantis™ A.2

The compact geometric design of Quantis™ A.2 beckons kids ages 5 to 12 with its open, angular format and sculptural playscape and is filled with intriguing challenges that defy expectations.

Learn more about Quantis™ A.2

Quantis™ A.3

The Quantis A.3 combines several types of activities in a compact structure and provides a good workout for every child’s core muscles and endless routes for play with their friends.

Learn more about Quantis™ A.3

Dynamic, Smart Play® Structures

Smart Play® Billows™

A thrilling atmospheric adventure with built-in shade that floats above like clouds, encouraging imaginations to soar and kids to enjoy a rich sensory experience. 5 to 12 year old's companion to Smart Play® Breeze™.

Explore Smart Play Billows

Smart Play® Breeze™

Step right up and get your tickets for a whimsical hot-air balloon ride among the clouds. Kids ages 2 to 5 can crawl, walk and even climb the cloud steps up to the basket, finding plenty of airy insights to explore along the way. Companion to Smart Play® Billows™.

Explore Smart Play Breeze

Smart Play® BeachComber™

Ride the wild surf on this wavy playstructures that creates seaworthy adventures as they sail across, wind their way down, and plop-plop-plop over for hours of nautical fun.

Surf Smart Play Beachcomber

Smart Play® Tree Tops™

Wondrously abstract playstructure that gives kids the sense of exploring among the Tree Tops. Interconnected activities sparks hours of imaginative play and adventure.

Discover Smart Play Tree Tops

Smart Play® Sprig™

Introduce budding climbers to the just-right heights of Smart Play® Sprig. Kids aged 2 to 5 can discover a variety of ways to flex emerging skills while exploring this playstructure.

Discover Smart Play Sprig

Swing Frame

A twist on traditional swing frames, the Hedra® Swing Frame, complements the geometric forms of Hedra playstructures.

View Hedra® Swing Frame

Friendship® Swing with Hedra® Swing Frame

Two-seated face-to-face Friendship Swing for a multi-generational swing experience on new Hedra® Swing Frame.

View Friendship® Swing with Hedra® Swing Frame


The swooping sculptural form of our WhirlyQ Spinner provides beauty and visual stimulation for kids of all abilities.

View WhirlyQ® Spinner

Play Healthy™ Hand Sanitizer Station

View the Hand Sanitizer Station

Play Healthy™ Hand Sanitizer Station, Metallic Silver

View the Hand Sanitizer Station, Metallic Silver

PlayBooster® Components

HealthBeat Circuit™ - For Ages 13+

Outdoor Fitness Park Activated by FitLot®

See HealthBeat Circuit™

Fitness equipment for strength, cardio, balance, and flexibility training that's covered by integrated shade to provide protection from the sun while exercising. Thoughtfully designed for all ages and abilities to exercise in a community setting, making the benefits of a fitness facility free and accessible to everyone.

See HealthBeat Circuit™