New Products

Our new playground products lead the way in encouraging kids to play outdoors, engaging their imaginations and bringing children of all abilities together to play. Search all of our new playground components.

Take Flight with Volo™

The word "Volo" is the Italian word for "flight." This whimsical design is jam-packed with bouncy, connected play options that encourage children to define their unique playstyle while exploring endless ways to climb, slide and investigate. Integrated seek-and-find games, science experiments and strategic route planning stimulate kids' minds while playing. Whether they prefer fast-paced action or a leisurely pace, heights that thrill or staying close to the ground, Volo offers kids a multi-layered spectrum of joy.


Volo w/Shade

Upleveled Net Play with LSI Flexx™


LSI Flexx™ is a game-changing steel-reinforced cable netting material that offers kids with a range of abilities a ton of play sensations from relaxing to bouncing to climbing. Its cables are made of tightly woven, polyester-wrapped galvanized steel, and boast top-quality features like abrasion resistance, color stability, the utmost durability and vandal resistance. The smooth, low-profile connection nodes are comfortable to crawl across and an ideal size for kiddos to grasp while climbing.


Float Away with Color Palette CL

Children are immediately impacted by the color of a playground, because color is the first thing the human eye sees. Along with the design and layout of a playground, color palette is one of the most important decisions that can be made when designing a playground. 

Our latest palette, CL, is inspired by nature: specifically, the breezy, whimsical colors of the sky. It is an ideal complement to our new playstructure, Volo, which is designed to reflect flight and the light qualities of the air. 

In creating our color palettes, we have taken some of the guesswork out of playground design. We've selected colors that create certain moods and feelings to enhance the tone to choose to express through your play environment.

Newest Splash Pad Innovations from Aquatix®

Create a dynamic sensory water experience with LED Jumping Jets from Aquatix®. Whether incorporated into a larger splash pad area or used as a standalone display in a small area, LED Jumping Jets offer beauty and interactive fun that everyone will love. We are dedicated to elevating your space with water that dances, jumps and pops in vivid color. Change the patterns, timing and light display with ease. Choose the system that suits your needs, from preset water sequencing with white lights to a fully programmable water and light display.