Multi-User Inclusive Swings

Why swing alone when you can swing with a friend? These multi-user commercial playground swings provide collaborative and inclusive motion fun for everyone.

Friendship® Swings are a fun way for kids to see each other's giggling faces as they swing. A fully-inclusive option, these swings are ideal for people who need extra back support as they play. Choose from different swing frame styles -- Arch, Single Post or Hedra®, or add an Additional Bay swing to an existing swing structure.

Oodle® Swings are another collaborative, inclusive way for kids to get that swinging sensation that they love. Kids can sit, lie down or pile onto the large, disc-shaped seat. An arched frame gives a clean, modern look to the play space.

The We-Go-Swing® is the first no-transfer inclusive swing that can be integrated into the playground setting. This innovative, fully-wheelchair-accessible play component allows kids to swing without transferring from their mobility device. It is fun for people of all ages and abilities.