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Create word-of-mouth legendary playgrounds

More and more communities are using unique design to create a signature playground. Smart design that combines eye-catching aesthetics with built-in play value. Custom design that can be as simple or as detailed as you like. Discover how a custom playground can put your community on the map.

From fully-themed wonderlands to palettes that span oceans and deserts and everything in between, see a few of the signature playground designs from our 2019 PLAY Book.  

Request a copy or browse the 2019 PLAY Book virtual publication. To see more amazing playground designs, view virtual publications of our past collection of PLAY Books.

Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

Video description: From fully themed wonderlands to palettes that span oceans and deserts and everything in between. See a few of the signature playground designs from out 2019 PLAY Book in action.

On-Screen text: Pioneer Park, Mesa AZ. [video: overhead view shows custom sculptural playstructure themed after local trees, a pistache tree, a pine tree, and a palm tree. Featuring plenty of climbing, height, and tall slides from the top of a pine.]

[video: a father walks up a ramp holding the hand of his son who eagerly runs towards the structure. Two slides run parallel to each other off of the pistache tree. A man slides down one next to his daughter.]

Boy 1: (from somewhere within the tree structures) It's fun!

Boy 2: It's so high!

Camera man to a young girl: So do you like our new tree tops? (girl grins and nods to camera).

Boy 3: It's cool! It's the best thing ever. [boys ride down extra long roller slide together.]

[video: side view of playground at twilight shows various parts of structure lit with motion sensor lights, as kids play throughout the structure.]

[video: switches to Paco Sanchez playground climbable logo structure.]

On-screen text: Paco Sanchez Park, Denver, CO.

[video: aerial view shows a group of kids running towards custom playstructure. Structure is themed after Paco Sanchez, the first hispanic radio DJ, in the shape of a sculptural vintage microphone. It features a long, spiraling stainless steel slide, and plenty of options to climb throughout.]

[video: camera pans from bottom of structure and rises to the top.]

Girl 1: (resting on rubber belting within) I really like it, it's like an obstacle. [camera looks up throughout the interior of the microphone to show a view of the underside of the slide and kids climbing around a throughout on nets, ropes and belting.]

Boy 1: (smirks at camera) There's a lot of stuff. (view of complicated network of climbers).

Woman: I like spending time with my kids and... this is fun.

Boy 2: (interupting as he bounces up and down on rubber belting) I'm bouncy!

Woman: I like the design, I like the structure. [Boy works his way up a complicated path surrounding the slide] You know, you can climb. [Another boy uses footholds on exterior of slides to climb to top.] It's very physical. Even for adults. [Woman goes down slide with her son].

[video: aerial view shows bridge entering microphone structure set inside of the park surrounded by greenery].

On-Screen text: Domino Park, Brooklyn NY. [video: custom playstructure modeled after the old Domino Sugar Factory in NY. Featuring stainless steel slides from both sides of the tall structure.]

On-Screen text: Situated along the East River [video: playground sits parallel to the East River, surrounded by colorful landscaping, and a baordwalk with a bridge in the background of the scene.]

On-Screen text: the park sits on the former site of the 150 year old Domino Sugar Refinery. [video: shows opposite side of play structure with a small wooden house connected to a tall silo with a stainless steel crawl tunnel.]

On-Screen text: The play experience [video: a young boy does pull-ups on the side of the structure. A young boy climbs up a ladder between structures] leads children through the sugar refining process. [boy smiles into a Go-Pro as he goes down slide].

[video: overhead view shows entirety of structure.]

On-Screen text:




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