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Olsen Park

Wilmington, NC USA


Playground Overview

Olsen Park features an inclusive playground to welcome children and families of all abilities and ages. The PlayBooster® playstructure includes accessible ramps so those using mobility devices can access the fun, sensory-rich play panels, and many playground climbers and slides. Other multisensory playground components were included to make children and families of all abilities feel welcome as well as a Weevos® playstructure for kids ages 2-5. This playground is a great result of the partnership between The Miracle League and Kiwanis International.

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Playground Details

  • Age Ranges

    • 2 to 5 Years
    • 5 to 12 years
  • Design Standards

  • ASTM
  • Installed

  • July 2013
  • Design/CAD Files

  • Min Area Required

  • Total Area: 165' x 73' (50,30 m x 22,25 m)
    2-5 Area: 39' x 35' (11,89 m x 10,67 m)
    5-12 Area: 150' x 73' (45,72 m x 22,25 m)

  • Project Price Range

  • $200K-$500K+

    Pricing reflects only the equipment shown in the 3D render above. For international and exact pricing, please contact your local playground consultant.

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Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

Video features the opening of the Miracle League field and Landscape Structures PlayBooster and Weevos playground structures at Olsen Park in Wilmington, North Carolina.

[video: fade in to David Morrison speaking to a crowd with a microphone while seated in his wheelchair.]

David: As the great Babe Ruth once said, “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.”

[crowd applauses.]

[video: fade to black, text appears on screen that reads: David Morrison, Vice Chair/Action Team Chair, led off the Grand Opening for the new park in Wilmington, North Carolina. Fade back in to David speaking.]

David: Thank you to all those who without made today a reality. To my family and friends near and far. I love each and every one of you. All of us have so much to be proud of. Constructing this beautiful complex has provided a fully accessible location for thousands to come and play. They say after all, only the start of an amazing journey. A journey that will undoubtedly be filled with smiles, laughs, tears of joy, spectacular plays, and most of all fun.

[video: fade to black. Text appears on screen that reads: Landscape Structures, The Miracle League and Kiwanis International all partnered together to create…]

[video: fade in to an elevated panning view of the large fenced in inclusive playground area next to the inclusive Miracle League ball field, fade out. Fade in to the peak of the overhead metal triangular arch way to the Miracle League ball field. Archway reads: Brax Stadium with the Miracle League logo cut out of metal.]

[video: fade into a line of Major League baseball team flags blow in the wind on the side of a sidewalk, fade out. Fade in to two girls playing on a roller table as families play on the playground behind them. Fade to black, text appears on screen that reads: Rick Zigler Playground Committee, Kiwanis Club of Wilmington, North Carolina. Rick stands by the playground as he speaks to the camera.]

Rick: One of our members just got this idea about, well why aren’t we, he was talking about this park. Why don’t we build a playground on this park because Kiwanis is all about serving children.

[video: fade to black, text appears on screen that reads: Doug Smith Playground Committee, Kiwanis Club of Wilmington, North Carolina. Doug stands in front of the playground as families pass behind him.]

Doug: Kiwanis builds playgrounds all over the world. We had a speaker in from the Wilmington City Parks and Recreation Department who told us about plans for this Olson Park.

[video: camera switch to a front entrance view of the Olsen Park sign. Sign has four pictures at the top, top left image of a monarch butterfly on a flower. Second photo of a softball glove with three softballs and a batting glove sitting on the ground. Third photo of pink flowers and fourth photo of a playground structure. Sign reads: Olsen Park, a joint parks and greenspace project, New Hanover County, City of Wilmington.]

Rick voiceover: We started a fundraiser to build this playground. We got the city in the county to offer to match whatever we raised. Then along came Access of Wilmington who said why don’t we make this an all-inclusive playground.

[video: a boy spins another boy on the Gyro Twister playground spinner. Two children sit on either end of the PodStomper Bridge as a boy stands in the middle to seesaw the bridge back and forth. Camera switch to a blue Permalene panel with yellow text reading: Kiwanis Miracle Playground. Two boys slide down the roller slide together away from the camera. A father helps his baby daughter as she crawls into a Crawl Tunnel.

Rick voiceover: Landscape Structures Incorporated, LSI is now a Kiwanis partner they’re the ones who’s furnished all this equipment.

[video: camera zooms in on the end of a Hand Cycler post with the Landscape Structures logo beveled in the top. A young girl sits on the Blender Spinner as another girl spins her around. Two women stand and watch as a young girl walks over the Boppity Bridge. Camera switches to a full elevated view of the fence in inclusive playground area as families play all around.]

[video: fade to black, text appears on screen reading: Bob Wallen, local Kiwanis Club member, Two-year playground committee member. Bob stands by the playground as he speaks to the camera.]

Bob: It’s been fabulous working with the equipment supplier when we were talking about what we’d like to appeal to.

Bob voiceover: Such as, touch, sound, and stimulate other feelings such as manual dexterity and that type of thing.

[video: a young boy plays at a Ring-a-Bell panel. Another boy rushes up to join the other boy in playing with the bell panel. Camera zooms in on a young girl as she spins on the Gyro Twister playground spinner. Camera switch to a young boy climbing on a cargo net.

Peter voiceover: I had the unique opportunity of visiting Landscape Structures in Minnesota and from the day I walked through your office doors until the completion of this project I have just grown, my respect for this company has just grown.

[video: fade to black, text appears on screen reading: Peter Hexter, General Chair Miracle League of Wilmington.]

Peter: You guys walk the talk everything you said you were going to do you did and more.

Peter voiceover: The quality of the equipment the commitment to excellence, it’s unbelievable.

[video: a young girl climbs up a Sunbeam climber. Camera switch to a top down view of a boy as she watches the Color Splash panel as someone spins it from the opposite side. A young girl sitting on her side inside of a crawl tunnel making faces at a baby girl standing at the other end of the tunnel. Three girls work together to make the Sway Fun glider move as other children ride on the benches.]

[video: fade to black, text appears on screen reading: Blair Goodrich, Principal Architect, Wilmington, North Carolina.]

Blair: It’s amazing what this will do for people with disabilities and all abilities to be able to use this park.

Blair voiceover: It’s just you know if there’s no words to describe it, it’s amazing.

[video: two adults stand on the Sway Fun and lean back and forth to make it glide. A young girl in a wheel chair smiles and she and another girl enjoy the ride. Camera zooms in on the young girl in the wheelchair as she smiles on the Sway Fun.]

Bob: And to see the camaraderie of the children here. No matter what your disability is-

Bob voiceover: that everybody’s accepted the same and alike, and you aren’t sitting on the sidelines and no matter what degree of abilities that you have just overwhelming to see it here and I’m so proud that we could be part of it, provide this for the city of Wilmington.

[video: top down view of a group of girls playing together on the Sway Fun. Camera switch to three children as they swing together on the inclusive Oodle Swing. Two women stand by as a girl steps up onto a Giggle Jiggler climber from her walker.]

Peter: It’s brought a community together it’s created an awareness that started today and will go on for generations.

Doug voiceover: They see the Kiwanis shirt and they’re saying thank you and I’m feeling good about seeing kids being able to be on a playground for the first time.

[video: a young girl in a Full Bucket seat swing, swings towards an adult as they gently push her. Camera zooms in on the girls face as she smiles and swings. Camera switches to a boy spinning the Color Splash panel. A young girl smiles down at the camera as she holds on to the cargo net she is climbing. A young boy waves to the camera through a whole on the Cozy Dome. Camera zooms in on a young girl’s face as she looks up at the camera quizzically.]

Rick: I would suggest to any other Kiwanis Clubs that wanted to do the same kind of thing and you could certainly do it on a smaller scale than this, might contact LSI they’re good people to do to work with.

[video: fade to black, text appears on screen reading: Diane Alford, Executive Director of The Miracle League. Diane stands at a podium as she speaks to a crowd.]

Diane: I’m here to congratulate you for being part of our international organization. We now are over 255 Miracle Leagues just in this country.

Diane voiceover: We are honored that you’ve given us the privilege to be a part of your lives. You’re now a part of over two hundred thousand participants in the Miracle League family.

[video: camera zooms out from a crowd of people as they walk and stand around a child in a wheelchair statue in front of the entering archway of the ballfield. Camera switches to a close-up of a person’s white t-shirt with the Miracle League logo printed on it. Camera switches to a large bucket of foam baseballs. Homer the Miracle League mascot walks around giving children high fives. A boy in motorized wheel chair roles to first base as his buddy volunteers jog behind him.]

[video: fade to black, text appears on screen reading: Dan Johnson, Founder, ACCESS of Wilmington. Dan speaks to a crowd as a woman interprets his words in sign language beside him.]

Dan: Today and only today The Miracle field of Wilmington will speak to you, and then will only speak to you silently.

Dan voiceover: Thank for building me, I am the luckiest field in the world. People stare at me, kids run or wheel as fast as they can towards me. I now know how Santa Claus feels. When people come on me they round he bases immediately, because sometimes it’s the first time they’ve been able to do that. Then they laugh and run some more. Some people cry when they come here, I thought it made them sad at first, but I’ve now come to understand that those were tears of joy, tears of relief, and tears of hope. I’ve got to watch this whole thing, there are not words to describe what has happened here. The dedication of so many, the sacrifice the best that comes out of all people. Thanks for putting this amazing Kiwanis playground together right beside me. I will get to hear the laughter all day as kids play and play all together. By the way they cry over there too. And people go there they will see great things happen when you make things accessible.

[video: Elevated view of people walking all around behind the dugouts and bleachers of The Miracle field. Camera switches to behind the back stop of the field where people gather under the pavilion for shade while watching the ball game. Side view of a crowd of people on the bleachers watching the game. Camera comes into focus on a boy’s feet as they rest on the foots rest of his motorized wheelchair. Scene switch to volunteers and players scattered all around third base and home plate of the field. Camera switches to behind the pitcher where he pitches the ball to a man in a wheelchair. The man’s swings the bat and makes contact with the ball, he drops the bat and begins wheeling himself to first base. A boy at short stops sets his feet and through the ball to second base. A volunteer pushes a child in a stroller to third base. The volunteer gently comes to a stop on third base while pushing the stroller. A man stands behind a young boy up to bat. He holds his arms to help him hit the ball pitched to him. They boy hits the ball and smiles excitedly. He begins to walk towards first base. An Eagle mascot walks over to a girl sitting in her walker and gives her a hug. Camera zooms in on the young girl as she sits and talks with her volunteer buddy. A man holds out a bundle of medals as volunteers grab handfuls to award to all the players. A young boy stands as his volunteer buddy places the medal around his neck. Camera zooms in on a girl as she smiles. Scene switch to ground level view of a man kneeling and speaking to a group of children. A Shark mascot stands next to a player and his volunteer buddy as they pose for a picture. The Shark mascot kneels in front of a group of children as they gather for a group photo. Camera switch to an elevated view of the inclusive playground next to the ball field. Camera pans at ground level across the many inclusive ramps on the playground. Families walk all over the playground to different play and sensory panels. Camera pans across a long swing set of children swing. Several adults push four children as they sit and ride on the OmniSpin playground spinner. Scene switch to a mother sitting next to her daughter in her wheelchair as they smile with joy while playing on the Sway Fun. Camera pans across a crowd of people walking around the playground area. Camera zooms in on a stroller as a man pushes it up onto the playground ramp. Camera switches back to Dan speaking to the crowd.]

Dan: You don’t know this, but I have a heart and a soul.

Dan voiceover: I will speak silently to some of you today. I’m only here today because of all your caring, your advocacy and your faith. I will be a great place because you will decide to be part of me forever.

[video: A boy in a wheelchair holds a bat with one hand and swings at the ball pitched to him. He hits the ball and drops the bat. A group of children player and volunteers stand in a group for a photo. Camera switches to ground level down the first base line as a girl stands in the batter’s box at home plate. The ball is pitched to her and she hits the ball to right field. She drops her bat and begins to jog to first base towards the camera. Camera switches back to Dan speaking to the crowd.]

Dan: Wear me out I dare you.

[crowd applause.]

[video: fade to black, fade in to a man kneeling in front of a group of children.]

Man: Everybody have fun?!

Group of children: Yay!

Man: Alright, hey guess what, we played baseball today didn’t we?

Group of children: Yeah.

Man: Is that awesome?!

Group of children Yay!

[video: a girl spins herself on the Gyro Twister stand up playground spinner, fade to black. Fade in to a boy in a motorized wheelchair as he roles towards home plate, fade out. Fade in, camera zooms in on a young girl as she sits on the OmniSpin as adults spin her. She turns and squints up at the camera, fade out. Fade in, camera close-up of the base of a statue. Words engraved on the base of the statue reads: Today Everyone is a Champion. Fade to white, The Miracle League logo appears. The Kiwanis logo slides up from the bottom of the screen and replaces The Miracle League logo. The Landscape Structures logo slides up from the bottom of the screen and replaces the Kiwanis logo. Text below the Landscape Structures logo reads: Better playgrounds, better world.]

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