O-Zone® Climber

Model #156448

O-Zone® Climber

This video features children playing on the Evos O-Zone climber.

[video: a young boy sits on a o zone disc climber. Camera switch to a young girl sitting on a o zone disc smiling and looking at the camera.] Young girl: Hi.

[video: a young girl climbs through several of the O-Zone disc climbers feet first. Children laugh off camera. Camera switch to young boy climbing above camera through O-Zone climber discs head first. Camera switch to a boy and girl climbing through O-Zone discs.]

Young boy: I can't do it!

[video: camera top down view of two boys climbing feet fist through the last to O-Zone climber discs. Camera shoots from across the playground as a young girl starts at the first disc to climb through the o zone disc climber set. Young boy climbs over the camera on top of the o zone disc. A young boy in a striped shirt sits on a o zone disc.] Young boy: What's up?

[video: fade to black.]

Product Details

Age Ranges

  • 5 to 12 years

Play Systems


    • Max Fall Height: 88" (2,24 m)

Design Standards

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Price Range (USD)

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The Evos® O-Zone® Climber brings a whole new shape to the playground, and takes stretching and climbing to a new level! Unique, suspended polyethylene rings challenge kids mentally and physically as they maneuver through, over and around the Evos playsystem. 


  • Connects to any 2-or-more-arch Mainstructure
  • Rings constructed of durable, colorfast polyethylene
  • Tightly woven, polyester-wrapped, six-stranded, galvanized-steel climbing cables

  • Steel-reinforced cables are extremely durable and vandal resistant, available in black, red or tan

  • Direct bury

ProShield Finish

ProShield® Finish




Climbing Cables


  • Proprioception
  • Tactile
  • Vestibular+

Motor Skills

  • Agility
  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Core Body Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Lower Body Strength
  • Motor Planning
  • Upper Body Strength

Cognitive Skills

  • Problem Solving

Social/Emotional Skills

  • Cooperation
  • Imaginative Play
  • Social Skill Development
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