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River Banks Orchard Park

Hutchinson, KS USA


Playground Overview

A friendly, mist-breathing dragon greets children and their families upon arrival at this enchanted playground in Hutchinson, Kansas. Here, kids ages 5 to 12 can climb the custom tree house or hang out in the cozy enclosure below. Even more enchanting, this playground was created in partnership with Shane’s Inspiration, so kids of all abilities are welcome to explore the castle grounds from top to bottom. Beside the PlayBooster® playstructure, there are other play areas, including inclusive swings, sand play at wheelchair height and the collaborative fun of the We-Saw™.

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Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

Video features the Landscape Structures inclusive fairy tale themed playground at Orchard Park in Hutchinson Kansas.

[video: two light orbs slide in from the sides of the screen and meet in the middle. Text appears that reads: This playground was created in partnership with Shane’s Inspiration, who together with Landscape Structures, promotes play for children of all abilities. Text fades away.]

[video: fade in to the head of a concrete Dragon statue. Camera pans across the eyes of a concrete climber that is designed like a large face. Camera switches to a Discovery Tree climber.  The tree has a peak through window, climbing vines, and decretive fairies and bugs carved into it. Camera zooms in on the detailed vines, bugs, and fairies on the outside of the Discovery Tree climber. Camera comes into photos on a mouse carved in the side of a concreate climber that looks to be sleeping and holding on to a tiny sword. Camera comes into focus on a frog carved into a concrete log climber. Camera comes into focus on a fairy house carved into the Discovery tree.]

[video: fade in to a view of the park sign that reads: City of Hutchinson, River Banks, Orchard Park. Camera switches to an overhead panning view over the tops of the playground SkyWays shades and playground structure.]

[video: Children play and climb on the different uniquely shaped fairy tale playground concrete climbers. A young girl bounces back and forth on a Unicorn TuffRider spring rider. Five children play together on the We-saw seesaw. Camera zooms in slowly from a top down view of a boy quickly spinning on a stand-up playground spinner. A young boy walks up to the belly of the Dragon concrete statue. He pushes a large silver button on the belly of the Dragon. When he pushes the button, mist shoots out of the Dragons nostrils.]

[video: Top down view of two girls as they climb up the side of the Discovery Tree climber. A boy walks to spin two girls riding on the OmniSpin. Camera pans up a concrete rock climber carved liked a face. A young girl climbs up the climber while her father watches and holds her younger sister. A boy and girl swing side by side on a swing set.]

[video: a young boy steps up from a mushroom top stepper to the playground decking. A young boy gently pushes another boy in the TuffRider Turtle spring rider. Upward pan of the Discovery Tree and the different colorful butterfly’s carved in the sides. A young boy walks around on the playground decking. Holly Thomas a resident mom begins speaking.]

Holly voiceover: I think it’s great, I think it’s beautiful it’s a unique playground to the community.

[video: Top down view as a young boy climbs up towards the camera on a rope Sling Shot Climber.

Holly: I love the fairy tale theme.

Holly voiceover: It’s very popular the kids love it. When I was out here there were other handicap children using the playground so, it’s really great to see that it’s being used for what it’s made for.

[video: a young boy climbs down a Wood Plank Wiggle ladder while wearing a super hero cape. A young boy stands directly in front of the Dragon water misters as it sprays him in the face. Another boy walks up in front of the boy to have his face misted. Camera zooms in on stroller wheels as they are pushed by. Camera switches to ground level view of an empty stroller sitting in front of the OmniSpin. Two mothers spin a group of children as they ride the spinner.]

[video: a young smiles at the camera as she bounces on the Unicorn TuffRider spring rider. Camera zooms in on the girl’s face as she continues to ride. A woman gently pushes a young boy and girl on the Oodle swing. Camera pans along the length of a Discovery Tree branch. A young girl climbs across the SpaceWalk rope climber bridge. Camera switches to a bird’s eye view and slowly pulls up and away from the playground area showing all playground structures and activities.]

[video: Side view of a young boy as he quickly spins on a stand-up playground spinner. Elevated view of a group of boys as they are being spun on the OmniSpin. Camera switches back and forth to the boy spinning on the stand-up spinner and the boys spinning on the OmniSpin.]

[video: a young girl wearing a floral dress swings back and forth on the Single Beam Loop Horizontal Ladder. Camera views the entire play area from the surrounding side walk circling the playground. A woman gently pushes a young boy in a Harness Molded Bucket seat as a girl swings on her own in a similar swing next to him. A woman and young girl swing side by side towards the camera. A woman stands by the infant swing set structure as another woman pushes a baby boy on a swing.]

[video: a young girl in a wheelchair plays at a sand table. She holds a large clump of sand in her hand and smiles. A young boy walks up to the girl and pours more sand on the sand table for her to play with. Camera zooms in on children’s hands a as they smooth out the surface of the sand.]

[video: side view of the playground swing set area as children swing. A young girl slides down towards the camera on the SlideWinder slide. Camera walks up to a boy standing next to the Dragon mister statue. He smiles at the camera and pushes the button. He closes his eyes in relief as the mist hits his face. Two girls spin and do an aerial cartwheel in front of the swing set area.]

[video: a young girl plays at the sand table. Camera switches to a worn point of view camera as a child plays on the We-saw seesaw. The young girl in the floral dress swings on the monkey bars. Top down pan from the cone shaped tower roofs to the castle themed Permalene side panels. Camera fades in on the Playground sign that reads: Adult supervision is strongly recommended. Play. Imagine. Create. Landscape Structures logo is seen at the bottom of the sign.]

[video: fade in to a girl standing inside the hollowed-out Discovery Tree climber, fade out, Fade into a girl sitting on a branch of the Discovery Tree Climber. Camera looks up at two girls standing at the top of the discover tree where a face has been carved into the side of the tree. Camera is mounted to the Oodle Swing support ropes for a side view. A woman pushes four children as they sit on the swing together. One of the girls smiles and waves at the camera, fade to black.]

[video: two light orbs slide in from the sides of the screen and meet in the middle and burst. The Landscape Structures logo appears with text below reading: Better playground, better world.]

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