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Annandale Elementary School

Annandale, MN USA


Playground Overview

To match its new school building, this elementary school in Annandale, Minn., installed two new playgrounds. The result matches their request for playstructures that are physically challenging and make kids think. Before, during and after school, kids flock to both the PlayBooster® playstructure and the Evos® playsystem where kids ages 5 to 12 find opportunities for climbing, spinning, jumping, sliding and creating their own imaginative play. A personalized sign featuring the school’s mascot provides a sense of community. Speaking of community, parents, teachers, citizens and the Annandale Lions Club all turned out to help build both playground areas.

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  • $200K-$500K+

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Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

This video features the new playground built by the community and local Lions Club at the Annandale Elementary School in Annandale Minnesota.

[video: fade to Red Peterson talking to camera. Text in the lower right corner of the screen reads: Red Peterson Lions Member]

Red Peterson: We needed a playground out here for this brand-new school and we didn't just want a regular playground. We wanted a playground that challenges kids that makes them physically challenged, emotionally challenged, and makes them think.

[video: screen fades to black, white text appears reading: this past summer, The Annandale Lions along with teachers, parents, neighbors and friends all came together for a playground community build.]

[video: screen fades in to a class of children running to the playground. Many children play all around the playground. Three girls climb to the top of a Hemisphere Climber. Camera close-up of young girl climbing on the outer bar of the Hemisphere Climber. A young boy slides down the roller slide, a group of children wait in line at the top of the slide for their turn to ride. A young boy swings from wheel to wheel on the Triple Ring Fling.

A crowded playground is covered in children climbing and playing. Three children work together to spin a group of boys sitting on the OmniSpin spinner.]

[video: camera top down view of three children sliding down the Cloudburst Slide. Camera switches back to Red talking.]

Red Peterson: I think my favorite part was the bar was set high and that's the kind of project that we like.

Red voiceover: The school has a high standard on building a new building. Landscape Structures has very high standards on the products, the material, the tolerances that they were using and the Lions like those kinds of projects.

[video: elevated view of children playing on wobble pods. A group of children stand around the saddle spinner seats as a boy and girl individually spin. Camera close-up of young girl being spun on saddle spinner seat. Camera close-up of cargo net ropes and connectors as a young boy climbs on them.]

[video: Steve Niklaus speaks to the camera. White text appears in the lower left corner of the screen reading Steve Niklaus Superintendent of Annandale Schools.]

Steve Niklaus: Community loves it because this playground is used in the morning before school.

Steve Niklaus voiceover: It's used throughout the school day particularly heavily at the noon hour. It’s used in the evenings, people come to bring their kids here right from the start has being a huge hit for the community.

[video: a large group of children spin on the OmniSpin spinner. Scene switches to a top down view from the playground decking of a group of boys climbing on the Funnel Climber net. A young boy sticks his head up in front of the camera and smiles. Close-up of children’s legs as they walk across a Clatter Bridge. Three children slide down the Cloudburst Slide together towards camera. A young boy sits on the Sky Rail Climber smiling and looking at the camera. Scene switches back to Red talking.]

Red: If you drive by here anytime and there are dozens or maybe hundreds of kids out here learning and playing and having a good time.

[video: Full view of entire play area with a large class of children playing all around. Camera pans left to right of a group of children sitting and standing on a Swiggle Stix bridge and looking at the camera. Camera close-up of a group of kids all hanging and swinging rung to rung on a Horizontal Ladder.]

Skip Hall voiceover: You can hear behind me the noise and the chatter going on, its continuing, it's fun to come down the street and see kids swarming over this equipment.

[video: close-up of a child’s tennis shoes as they stand on cargo net ropes. A young girl smiles while swaying back and forth towards the camera on a Bobble Rider. Scene switches to Skip Hall as he speaks to the camera. Text appears in the lower left corner of the screen reading: Skip Hall Lions Member Annandale, MN.]

[video: two young boys sit and bounce back and forth on the TuffRider Fire Engine spring rider. Young boy slides down small slide towards camera. Camera follows children from the side as they walk up playground steps to a slide. Camera follows young girl through C-Crawl Tunnel. A young boy squeezes past a girl in the tunnel.

A young boy puts his face to the Periscope Panel to look across the playground. Close-up of a young boy’s face as he holds onto a Talk Tube and shouts into it. Camera pulls back to a full view of the playground with children playing. Scene fades to black.]

[video: scene fades in to two girls single file sliding down the roller slide. A girl climbs up a ladder to the playground decking where there is a red Permalene panel that reads, Annandale Elementary. An image of the school cardinal mascot is in the center of the panel. Two children sit on top of the cozy dome and smile at the camera. A group of children chase a ball as they play and shoot at a Drop Shot basket. Camera close-up of the back of a red Landscape Structures shirt. The shirt reads: better playgrounds, better world. Scene switches to a young girl flipping herself around a chin up bar while her friend holds herself up next to her on the bar.

Scene switches to a full view of a basketball court with children playing basketball with the playground behind them. Fade to Landscape Structures logo. The Landscape Structures logo is made of a white ribbon undulating above the text landscape structures.]

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