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Playground Park

Junction City, KS USA


Playground Overview

Playground Park is aptly named as this park offers multiple playground structures and experiences to keep the whole family active and exploring. Height is achieved on this playground with the Alpha® Tower and 12' PlayOdyssey® Tower. Both playground structures deliver various climbing challenges, activity panels and thrilling playground slides. Visitors will also find the O-Zone® Climber, Rhapsody® Outdoor Musical Instruments, GeoPlex™ Climbing Panels, Global Motion®, and playground swings and spinners. Plus, SkyWays® Cantilever Single Post Pyramid offers additional shade to the playground environment.

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Playground Details

  • Project Price Range

  • $200K-$500K+

    Pricing reflects only the equipment shown in the 3D render above. For international and exact pricing, please contact your local playground consultant.

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Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

Video features the planning and completion of a playground at Playground Park in Junction City Kansas.

[video: scene fades into a full elevated view of Playground Park with its two large main play structures and surrounding freestanding play components. A woman is heard speaking about the playground as the camera angle switches to a ground view of children playing on the playground structures. Camera switches to two women in matching blue shirts as they speak to the camera. White text appears next to the woman on the left of the screen reading: Joy Davis, Quality For All, Junction City, Kansas.]

Joy: I’m retired from being an employee of the school district and when I did that I realized how worn-out that playground equipment here at West Street Park was.

Joy voiceover: Some of it was not very safe. And I said to my best friend Angie, “Would it be lovely if we could put in a new playground?”

[video: a baby sits and looks around while swinging in an infant bucket seat swing. A boy stands and bangs on a Rhapsody® Kettle Drum. Scene switches to a view of children playing on different playground activities. The camera focuses on a boy’s legs as he climbs up a Summit Climber. Camera pulls back for a full view of the entire park as families play all around. Scene switches back to the two women as the second woman speaks to the camera. White text appears by the woman on the right reading: Angie Greenwood, Quality Play For All, Junction City, Kansas.]

Angie: Well, I think one of the most important things was we wanted to create something that would be new attention-getting in something really we could be proud of.

[video: camera pans across the two large playground structures. Children play all over a PlayOdyssey playground tower.]

Angie voiceover: For this community and this community that are around you. So, we took a trip to Kansas City and to Missouri and we went to playgrounds. [camera switches back to Angie.]

Angie: And we happen to go there on a day when school was out which was just fabulous, and we saw children play all over.

[video: Camera switches to different views throughout the playground as children play on all the unique playground equipment. The camera vertically pans up one of the main play structures of the PlayOdyssey tower. Two boys walk and push the Global Motion climbing play spinner as their friend rides inside. Camera quickly switches back to Angie as she continues to speak.]

Angie voiceover: And some of the equipment that really struck a milk with us was this company, Landscape Structures. And we saw the children play we saw what they liked. What they what really got the crowd going. As you can see most days and especially since we’ve opened the park there will have a hundred kids here sometimes, we’re almost lacking parking.

[video: view of the back of a boy as he slides down the Double Swoosh slide of the Alpha Tower. Scene switches to a boy as he rides down the track of the ZipKrooz® zip line on a disc swing. A young girl spins herself while sitting on a Saddle Spinner. A mother and son slide side by side down the Alpha Tower Double Swoosh slide.]

[video: a boy plays a Rhapsody Animato® Metallophone playground xylophone. A young girl stands under a large tubular slide as she speaks to the camera.]

Girl: I like doing everything but my real favorite thing to do is zip lining.

[video: a boy seated in a Assisted Bucket Seat swing at a ZipKrooz bay is pushed down the track. He shouts.]

Boy: I’m good, I’m good.

[video: scene switches to a full view of side by side ZipKrooz bays was children play and glide down the tracks. The camera angle changes to a closer view of the boy in the Assisted Bucket Seat swing as he glides down the ZipKrooz bay. A boy stands on the end landing platform and situates himself on the ZipKrooz disc swing. He lifts his feet and begins riding down the track. Scene switches to a boy as he speaks to the camera about the playground.]

Boy: I’m the athlete trainer, my most park is just exercising.

[video: the boy holds a handheld camera facing himself as he rides down the large tubular slide. He shouts with excitement as he winds down the slide. Scene switches to a younger boy as he explains his favorite pieces of the playground.]

Boy 2: My favorite thing is doing the monkey bars and like the slides right there and the zip line.

[video: the camera switches to the boy as he swings across the rungs of a LolliLadder™ monkey bar set. A girl sits on a belted hammock hung under the base of the Alpha® Tower as she speaks to the camera.]

Girl: If you come in here it’s a little hiding spot.

[video: scene switches to another girl as she sits inside the Alpha® Tower explaining the inside of the structure.]

Girl 2: There’s a ladder and stuff [undefined conversation]

[video: the camera focuses on a boy’s feet as he climbing a rope ladder inside the Alpha® Tower. The camera vertically pans up the outside of the tall Alpha® Tower play structure. Scene switches back to the girl as she continues to speak.]

Girl 2: The ladders are cool because they make you go up more faster.

[video: the camera rotates and follows a child as they walk up the steps inside the Alpha® Tower. A boy climbs up towards the camera inside the Alpha® Tower.]

Boy: Holy cow.

[video: the camera focuses on a boys feet as he stands on the cables of a rope ladder inside the Alph® Tower.]

Boy voiceover: You got to look at this.

[video: the camera focuses on the largely perforated siding of the Alpha® Tower view children outside the structure. A boy and girl stand and sit at the top of the Alpha® Tower.]

Boy: We’re about ten feet tall.

[video: scene switches to a third boy as he speaks to the camera.]

Boy 3: It has a lot of good stuff.

[video: scene fades to a girl as she stands at the base of a Summit Climber holding onto a cracker and waves to the camera. A boy climbing down the Summit Climber smiles and waves to the camera. Scene fades to a young boy as he sits on a Saddle Spinner. His mother reaches down to gently spin him. The boy giggles with joy as he spins. Scene fades to a girl as she ducks from underneath the Alpha® Tower where she was playing with her friends. She stands up fully only showing the front of her shirt with a cat face outline and the word “Wild” written in cursive. She bends down to look directly into the lens of the camera. The screen fades to white, a black line appears in the middle of the screen. The Landscape Structures logo slides out from the black line to the left of the screen as the playground representative company Athco logo slides out to the right. Text appears below both logos reading: For a better tomorrow we play today. A child can be heard yelling “Daddy” in the background. Video ends.]

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Athco logo made of blue circle with white triangle inside with rounded bottom. Blue text to right reading: Athco.

13500 W 108th St
Lenexa, KS 66215
Toll Free 800-255-1102
Phone 913-469-5600

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