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Eisenhower Elementary

Hopkins, MN USA


Playground Overview

Built by the hands of community members, school faculty and parents through a community build event, the playground at Eisenhower Elementary School delivers a unique play experience for students. The combination of the Evos® playsystem and PlayBooster® playstructure challenges kids ages 5 to 12 with its multiple slides, bridges and playground climbers. Plus, kids can use their creativity to navigate the sprawling playground structures or move to the freestanding components like the Flywheel® Spinner, OmniSpin® Spinner or Mobius® Climber. No matter what they choose, students will find play components to keep them active!

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Playground Details

  • Project Price Range

  • $180K-$199K

    Pricing reflects only the equipment shown in the 3D render above. For international and exact pricing, please contact your local playground consultant.

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Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

Video features the playground at Eisenhower Elementary in Hopkins Minnesota.

[video: scene fades into a view of the front of the Eisenhower Elementary school. Camera switches to a playground full of children. Four children hang from the Swing Out over head spinning wheel and scream as they spin. A class of children climb all around on a Lunar Blast net climber. Three children hang by their arms as they spin together on the Flywheel Spinner. Camera close-up of a young girl’s feet as she walks away from the camera on the curved balance beam. A group of children hang, dangle and climb on a Ring Tangle Climber. Scene switches to a top down view of a child’s hand as they spin on the overhead wheel of the Orbiter spinner. Camera switches to a view underneath the Lunar Burst climber. Children can be seen climbing high up on the climbing ropes above the camera. Two young girls spin and swing on a tire swing. A boy and girl run to the start of a Swiggle Stix bridge. Camera is at an elevated view looking over the entire playground full of children. Scene switches to two women as they speak to the camera about the playground. White text appears at the bottom of the screen below the woman on the right. Text reads: Betty Johnson, BA, MAEd, Grade 3 teacher, Eisenhower Elementary/XinXang Academy.]

Betty: Our new playground is a community-built playground.

Betty voiceover: So, it was built by people in our community, teachers at our school and parents at our school.

[video: Camera views up through the Lunar Blast climbing ropes. A young girl looks down at the camera as hear hair flops around her face. A young boy reaches out to hang from the Bow Ladder monkey bar set. A young girl with glasses swings into frame on the ArcOver Ladder. She pauses on the rungs of the monkey bars and turns her head towards the camera. She continues across the monkey bars and swings out of frame. A group of children spin slowly on the Flywheel spinner. Camera switches back to the two women standing in front of the camera. Text appears at the bottom of the screen below the woman on the left. Text reads: Dilu Shi Grade 3 Chinese Immersion Teacher, Eisenhower Elementary/XinXang Academy.]

Dilu Shi voiceover: [speaking in Chinese dialect.]

[video: two young girls sit on a Blender Spinner. They reach down with their legs to spin around.]

Betty voiceover: Well elementary children come with a lot of energy.

[video: A boy and girl smile at the camera as they climb on a Helix Net climber. The young girl climbs close to the camera and waves. Camera switches back to Betty speaking to the camera.]

Betty: So, this is a great safe wonderful place.

Betty voiceover: for the children to play and release some of that energy. There's so many different pieces of equipment out here that they can swing on or climb on or run on and that really helps in that large motor development.

[video: top down view of the Ring Tangle Climber as children hang from one of the waved loops of the climber. Camera switches to a ground view looking up at a Helix Net Climber with three children climbing on top of it. A young girl slowly walks to push the OmniSpin spinner as three girls sit and ride. Two groups of girls swing and spin on the two separate tire swing bays. A class of children completely cover the Lunar Blast climber as they climb all around. Camera pans left to right over the top of the fence of the entire playground as children play all around. Camera pans left to right of the ArcOver Ladder as children run and play behind on other playground climbers.]

Dilu Shi voiceover: [speaking in Chinese dialect.]

[video: a girl pushes her friends on a tire swing. A handful of girls climb on the Lunar blast climber. Camera close-up of girl’s hands as they hold onto the ropes of the lunar blast climber. Children run and jump to grab the hand holds of the Flywheel spinner as it spins. Camera view looks up at children climbing on Mobius climber. Girls take turns walking across the Belt Zone Bridge. Camera zooms in on two girls faces as they smile and walk across Belt Zone Bridge. Camera pans right to left of entire Eisenhower Elementary playground. Camera zooms in on a girl’s face as she looks down while hanging from the Ring Tangle Climber. Camera zooms in on another girl’s face as she tries to sweep her windblown hair back behind her ears. Camera view across the playground as a group of children climb and stand on the Ring Tangle Climber. Camera back to Dilu Shi speaking to the camera in Chinese dialect.]

[video: camera pans right to left of four girl’s climbing on Lunar Blast climber, one of the girls speak.]

Young girl: I love our Eiffel Tower.

[video: camera close-up of a young boy’s face and hands as he situates his feet on a cargo net climber. Betty and several children swing together on a swing set. Camera does a close-up pan of children’s feet as they stand on the Lunar Blast climber ropes. A young girl pulls herself up to the peak of the Lunar Blast climber. A young boy sitting on the Ring Tangle Climber and gives the camera a piece sign. He yells something indistinct to the camera. Camera switch to a full view of the Evos play structure. A young boy holds his hands up to his face as he bits his thumb. Two girls sway back and forth on the two seated Bobble spring rider. Camera pans upwards as children climb on the Lunar Blast Climber. Camera shoots through the loops of the Ring Tangle Climber as two girls hang down by their arms off the loops. Camera zooms close to a young girl as she smiles. Another girl behind her places her hands on the other girl’s shoulders as she stands on the Lunar Blast climber. They both look at the camera and smile. Screen fades to black. Text appears on screen reading: Better playgrounds, Better world®. Text disappears, and Landscape Structure logo appears. The Landscape Structures logo is made of a ribbon shape undulating above the text landscape structures.]

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