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Union Park @ Baldwin Park

Orlando, FL USA


Playground Overview

This beautifully landscaped playground in Orlando, Florida, greets children ages 5 to 12 with a PlayBooster® playstructure that houses an inspired collection of play opportunities. Tunnels, climbers, swings, slides and overhead events let kids invent unique ways to explore their environment and create their own imaginative games, with two Recycled Peak Roofs providing some much-needed shade. Playground-goers can also enjoy several freestanding events, like the Oodle® Swing that lets friends swing together and the ever-popular Saddle Spinners.

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Playground Details

  • Project Price Range

  • $60K-$79K

    Pricing reflects only the equipment shown in the 3D render above. For international and exact pricing, please contact your local playground consultant.

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Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

Video features a Landscape Structures PlayBooster playground at Baldwin Park in Orlando Florida.

[video: fade in to a large oak tree as it shades a family sitting at a picnic table. Camera pans up a large Spanish Moss tree at the park, fade out. Fade in to a view of the PlayBooster playground with surrounding gardens, bushes, and trees, fade out. Fade in to the PlayBooster playground where a boy climbs up a Cozy climber.]

[video: Children play all over the different playground activities while two boys spin on separate Saddle seat spinners. Two boys play on a see saw while another boy spins on a Saddle seat spinner. A young boy runs under the playground clatter bridge towards the camera. He is surprise when he reaches the other side and notices the camera. A young boy races across the playground running closely past the camera. He runs to the Cascade climber and begins to climb.]

[video: Top down view as three boys play on the curved balance beam. A woman pushes a boy towards the camera in a full bucket seat swing. He laughs as he gets closer to the camera and swings away. View over the top of surrounding bushes as children climb and play on the playground. A boy pushes two kids on a Oodle swing. He has to jump to reach the swing to push them as they swing higher and higher. Switch to side view of the boy as he swings the two kids. Camera pans up the Cascade climber as a boy lifts his leg over the top of the climber. To boys lean over the top of the Cascade climber. One boy speaks to the other.]

Boy: Scooch over.

[video: camera pans across the top of the Cascade climber where the boys lean over the top. Scene switch to a boy as he spins in slow motion on the Saddle seat spinner. Two girls bounce on the see saw. Another girl walks up to the girls playing on the see saw and watches.]

[video: camera pans down from a boy’s hands as he spins on an individual Flywheel spinner. Camera pans down his body to his feet where he stands on the spinning platform disc. View into a crawl tunnel as a boy crawls through towards the camera. Top down view of a boy as he swings around the Corkscrew climber. A young girl swings by herself on a swing set in the sun. A young boy stands in front of two boys playing on the see saw while he speaks to the camera.]

Boy: I go on the spinning this that go by their selves.

[video: the boy spins on the Saddle seat spinner.]

Boy: Because I like them.

[video: the boys playing on the see saw behind him laugh as they bounce on the see saw. Camera follows as a boy makes his way across the C shaped horizontal monkey bar set. A young boy kneels uses momentum to swing himself on the Oodle swing. Top down view of a group of girls run across the playground Clatter bridge. A baby girl in a full bucket seat swing gently swings back and forth towards the camera. A woman laughs off camera, fade out.]

[video: fade in to a girl as she smiles for the camera, fade out. Fade in to a view over the top of maroon colored bushes as children play on the playground and spinners in the background, fade out. Fade in to a park garden as children play on the playground in the background, fade to black. Text appears on screen reading: Better playgrounds. Better world. Text quickly disappears, and the Landscape Structures logo appears. Landscape Structures logo slowly fades away.]

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