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Peter Pan Park

Emporia, KS USA


Playground Overview

The play experiences at Peter Pan Park are certainly reason enough to never grow up. The sprawling playground features an inclusive PlayBooster® playstructure with something for everyone. Playground net climbers, bridges, multiple slide options and tons of sensory play panels encourage active exploration among kids ages 5 to 12. Swings including the Oodle® Swing and the We-saw™ were also included to deliver fun apart from the main playground structure. And for even more fun, a matching Aquatix® spray park was installed adjacent to the inclusive playground.

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Playground Details

  • Project Price Range

  • $80K-$99K

    Pricing reflects only the equipment shown in the 3D render above. For international and exact pricing, please contact your local playground consultant.

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Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

Video features Peter Pan Park in Emporia Kansas.

[video: scene fades into a view of the Peter Pan Park established sign with the playground and splash pad blurred in the background. Scene switches to a side view of the playground as children play on the different play activities. Camera switches to a view of a young girl as she swings from rung to rung on a Trapeze Horizontal Ladder monkey bar set. Camera switches to a young boy as he plays at a Ring-a-Bell Panel. The boy lifts one of the swinging music note shapes to ring the green bell dome on the panel. A girl steps off the playground decking onto a Disc Challenge bridge. The camera focuses on three children’s feet as they step across the shifting disc steppers of the bridge. Scene switches back to a girl a girl as she reaches the opposite end of the Trapeze Horizontal Ladder monkey bars.]

[video: three young girls play together seesawing back and forth on the inclusive multi person We-saw seesaw. Camera switches to the back on of the of the girls as they continue to seesaw up and down. Again, the camera switches back to the young girl on the Trapeze horizontal Ladder as she finally steps down onto the playground decking. A young girl speaks to the camera while holding onto a Disc Challenge post grip.]

Girl: I like to play on the monkey bars the most.

[video: scene switches to a close-up of the girl’s upper body as she swings across the swaying bars of the Trapeze Horizontal Ladder. Camera switches to a second girl as she explains her favorite piece of the playground.]

Girl 2: Probably the favorite thing on the playground is probably the net.

[video: scene switches to a side view of a young girl climbing down a cargo net. Camera pulls back for a better full view of the Manta Ray Climber cargo net. A girl climbs up the raised side of the net up onto the playground decking. Scene switches to a different area of the playground as children slide together down a double slide while others climb up climbers and playground steps.]

[video: a woman pushes a young boy on a swing. The camera switches to a front view of the boy as he swings moving forward and back with his movements. Scene switches to a girl as she slides down on of the two connected Gemini SlideWinder2 sides. Scene switches to two girls as they push their friend on the unique circle shaped Oodle Swing. The camera steps closer as the girls sit on the swing together.  The camera focuses on the swings rope connecting joint system.]

[video: a girl stands on the back side of a Color Splash Panel. She spins her head with the hypnotizing spiral image of the panel as her friends spins it from the other side. The camera switches to the opposite side of the panel where a girl rotates the handles of the Color Splash Panel.]

[video: two girls kneel at a Marble Panel. They drag their hands downs the panel spinning and rattling the marbles. The camera focuses closer on the marbles as the girls continue to run their hands down the panel.]

[video: the camera pans with a side view of a girl as she swings across the Trapeze Horizontal Ladder. The camera angle switches to a view straight down the rungs of the Trapeze Horizontal Ladder as a girl swings across the rungs on the opposite side.]

[video: the camera is attached to the Oodle swing side ropes facing down at a girl as she lays across the large circular swing seat. The girl lays as she swings back and forth. Scene switches to a young boy as he reaches up to the top bell of the Ring-a-Bell Panel. He rings the green domed bell. Scene switches to a young boy leaning up against a Disc Challenge gripping post as he smiles and waves to the camera. Scene switches to the camera mounted to a swing chain facing a young girl as she pumps her legs to begins to swing. The girl turns her head to the side as she speaks to someone.]

Girl: I can do that Ivan.

[video: with the camera still attached to the swing chain it faces down to the ground showing the girls cowgirl boots as she pumps her feet back and forth. The shadow of her swinging shows on the speckled PebbleFlex safety playground surfacing. Screen goes white as a single black line appears in the middle of the screen. The playground rep company Athco logo slides out from behind the back of the black line to the right of the screen. Then the Landscape Structures logo slides out on the opposite side. Text fades in below both logos reading: For a better tomorrow we play today. Screen fades to black.]

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Athco logo made of blue circle with white triangle inside with rounded bottom. Blue text to right reading: Athco.

13500 W 108th St
Lenexa, KS 66215
Toll Free 800-255-1102
Phone 913-469-5600

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