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Niwot Park

Niwot, CO USA


Playground Overview

Venture back to the time of the Woolly Mammoth at Niwot Park. Kids ages 5 to 12 can climb and explore on the PlayBooster® playstructure that features a custom Woolly Mammoth climber, and various rock and net climbers. The Flywheel® Spinner and TopsyTurny® Spinner bring kids together to run and spin. The Eclipse® Net Climber challenges kids to navigate and reach new heights. 

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Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

Video features the unique PlayBooster play structure featuring a custom Woolly Mammoth climber, and various rock and net climbers at Niwot Park in Niwot Colorado.

[video: fade in to women speaking to camera.]

Riki Frea - Park Building Committee: We were very lucky to have this land with all of the trees and natural shade and...

Riki Frea voiceover: created a great opportunity to build a very unique park. [video: camera switch to wooly mammoth shaped climbing structure.]

Riki Frea voiceover: We had a primary donor whose idea was initially to build this park. [video: young girl hops on ZipKrooz swing and glides away from camera.]

[video: Riki speaks to camera.] Riki Frea: So, we worked off of his ideas and his vision for the park.

Riki Frea voiceover: And then within our building committee we explored different playground companies to decide which kind of equipment we felt best matched that original vision along with the look of our town and feel we were going for with the park.

[video: young boy climbs on trunk and tusks of wooly mammoth. Boy pulls himself up climbing rock wall to top deck of structure. Riki speaks to camera. Camera switch to panning view left to right of adventure scape rock climbers. Father helps son make his way down a rock retaining wall.]

[video: full view of play area camera pans left to right as families play.]

Riki Frea voiceover: We were so excited to come across Landscape Structures line of equipment and see how well it fits into the vision and the theme of the park we were going for.

[video: camera pans up to young girl climbing to the top of adventure scape rock climber. Two girls climbing at the top of Eclipse Net climber. Close-up of Riki speaking to camera. Mother holds her young baby as she holds her hands out to assist young son climbing on rock retaining wall.]

Riki Frea voiceover: We love the natural look of all the rocks and we were able to come up with great colors that helps it just blend in to the natural area that we have here.

[video: close-up of sculpted caterpillar in rock climber. Close-up of sculpted mouse in rock climber. Full view of adventure scape rock climber with decorative fossil carvings. Two young girls are silhouetted as they climb on eclipse net climber. Elevated view of young family play on and by wooly mammoth climber while a group of children spin on TopsyTurny spinner. Ground level view of shaded pathway to playground. Young boy sits on top of the wooly mammoth climber head as another young boy sits on a tusk looking at camera.]

[video: young girl climbs on eclipse net climber by herself with red stationary train car in background.]

Riki Frea: I hear all of the time from people that they have never seen equipment like this they have never seen a park like this.

Riki Frea voiceover: They have never seen a park like this as you can see this park is always full we have people coming from all of the surrounding towns on any given day, you’re not going to find families from just Niwot here, we've got families coming from all over the place to come and play.

[video: Elevated view of entire play area. Young boy spins around on TopsyTurny spinner as a young girl spins him. Four kids hang from Flywheel spinner by their arms as they spin round and round. Young boy with hat carefully makes his way down adventure scape climbing rock. Riki speaks to camera.]

[video: two children balance on rope bridge between two play structures.]

Young girl: With all of what you got to do you have to climb everything.

Young boy: Oh yeah, I like the rocks, I like how there is sometimes no stairs and you have to climb the rocks.

[video: young boy reaches top of adventure scape rock climber. Camera switch to top down view strapped to ZipKrooz as young boy looks up and smiles with joy at camera as he glides. Young girl glides on ZipKrooz as camera is strapped above her. Camera switch to close of young girl gliding on ZipKrooz.]

[video: young girl looks at ground while slowly turns on TopsyTurny spinner. Young girl smiles at camera at the top of an adventure scape climbing rock. Close-up of young girl smirking at camera with chin resting to her chest. young girl climbs up wooly mammoth trunk. Fade to Landscape Structures logo.]

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